Jeny vs The Boston Marathon

Jeny is a 25-year-old New Jerseyan who ran the Boston Marathon through an injury and terrible weather (38 degrees F, 31 degree wind chill, pouring rain and of course, 26.2 miles). She says it was brutal and she’s glad it’s over. A week before the race, we sat down to get a peek into Jeny’s life as a runner and her preparation for this arduous event.


Mike: How do you balance your full-time job and social life while running high amounts of mileage between pages of Harry Potter and 50 Shades of Gray?

Jeny: Ha, it’s hard. I save all the real fun for between races.

Boston Marathon

Mike: What are your feelings as this race approaches and what does your training regimen look like?

Jeny: I’m a little scared since the race is so close. Training consists of 60 miles a week with a track workout and a long run once a week. The rest of it varies between tempo runs, easy distance and shorter recovery runs. At the moment, I’m injured with a shin splint or stress fracture (super fun!) so I have been tapering off the intensity as I get closer to the race.


Mike: What keeps you motivated to get outside when the weather is shit?

Jeny: The training plan kept me going through this brutal winter—once you’re in a rhythm it’s easier to get yourself out the door. Plus I’m at a point where if I don’t run, I feel guilty.


Mike: Who helped bring you to this point of running long distance races?


  1. My mom was a runner, I grew up watching her do marathons.
  2. Shoutout to Coach-B from Highschool track, he pushed me and taught me discipline when I was a mean, excuse-making mess in the beginning of Highschool.
  3. My Boyfriend: Boston will be our 4th marathon together. While we train for races, we live the same routine of waking up super early to run, going to work and then getting another run in after work before collapsing exhausted in bed.
  4. The running community is also super supportive.


Mike: Run us through your first marathon

Jeny: It was the 2016 Baltimore Running festival. I remember the last 6 miles of that race were god awful but I accomplished my goal of finishing in under 4 hours. I told myself, “I’m never doing that shit again” and somehow, I ended up signing up for another marathon 2 days later.


Mike: Do you have any advice for people who are trying to run a half or full marathons?

Jeny: Anyone can be a runner. The biggest thing is to sign up for a race: once you’ve paid for it, you have something on your calendar to work towards.  Find a training plan online to give yourself the right amount of time to prepare based on your experience and schedule. Marathons generally require at least 4 months, half marathons at least 2-3 months.


jenyhalf marathon beer

Jeny: that’s after my first half marathon with my girl Eliza—she’s a huge runner and she gets my crazy. Her cousin had beers ready for us at the end of the race. We crossed the finish line and chugged those bud lights. That was “I just turned 21, 3 weeks ago” Jeny.


Jeny: This was when I was training for the Lehigh Valley (Pennsylvania) marathon. It was during a track workout on a hot-as-hell day. I was just dying on the ground. People, that’s what running actually looks like.

The Final Stretch

Mike: Any plans or post-race binges for after the race?

Jeny: Well after a big race I usually go and die for 20 minutes, then I grab the biggest meal ever and drink. After the Boston marathon, it’ll be lunchtime so Ill go with my gut.

Mike: I have to squeeze this one in, the people are wondering, why don’t your socks match?

Jeny: My socks are almost never matching. I have this basket that all of my socks go into. I feel like my washer just eats half my socks. You never lose socks? Do your socks always match?!? I feel like half of mine have just disappeared.

Mike: Thanks for doing the interview Jeny. Where can the homies reach you?

Jeny: No problem, my instgram is runjenay, if you are into running, check it out!

jeny winsmoney
Afternote: Jeny has recovered well. She even managed to clinch 3rd place and a cash prize during the 5k Cape May footrace on May 12th.

By the time you read this, Jeny will already be training for another marathon #RunLikeAGirl



Jeny loves running, the ocean, hard cider and a good conversation. She grew up near Princeton NJ, has lived all over New Jersey and recently moved from Baltimore to the city of Philadelphia. Jeny also works in human resources and recruiting.

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