The Pursuit

By Evan McIntyre

Music is a feeling
A memory.
A collection of moments bundled neatly into pockets of time. 

What began for me as an attempt to quietly articulate my human experience;
the happy, the sad, the anxious,
evolved into an honest liberation behind a microphone

Because up on the stage nothing else matters.
There are no deadlines, conference calls, or bureaucracy.
Just a room full of people chasing down the here and now,
in hope of getting lost in it

And somewhere in the organized chaos of the present moment,
there’s an authenticity, a truth.
A reminder that life moves only as quickly as you let it,
and if it makes you happy – it’s worth the pursuit.

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Evan Headshot

“I’m Evan McIntyre. I was born & raised in Central Jersey and I currently work at Forge Apollo – a video content agency outside of Philadelphia. I’ve always had a passion for storytelling through video & music and I’m stoked to be able to do both professionally. I’m a part of the band Torn Boots and I’m thankful for every day that I get to create with those dudes.”

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