“This poem was initially written for a patient of mine; a very talented artist who was terrified to share her gift with the world. Fear is often the largest barrier standing between us and our fullest potential. This poem is a subtle reminder that the greatest good we can do for the world–and for ourselves–is to identify and accept who we are and to share our strengths and purpose with others as a means of providing benefit.” – Jackie


by Jacqueline Koppa

How to relax in fear, my dear? It’s simple, this I swear
Just take deep breaths–again and again–to remember why you’re there
What brought you here, to this place? Was it love, excitement, pain?
No matter the path, the story is yours, and it’s beautiful all the same

It’s challenging to be vulnerable, for this there is no doubt
But the lives you touch and people you’ll reach will make you want to shout
From out of windows and atop of buildings, for freedom is nothing but bliss
It is a safe place to be only yourself, and where fear will no longer exist


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Jacqueline Koppa is a woman of many trades. A psychology graduate of the College of Charleston; she works as a therapist for children with autism as well as the Director of Public Relations for the lifestyle brand ELYSIIAN. Connect with her on LinkedIn!

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