Steve Colombero Talks Food and Hospitality

Steve Colombero is a restaurant manager at Mistral restaurant and Elements restaurant in Princeton, New Jersey. In this WoBistDude interview, Steve shares his experience in the industry with us and explains why he loves to make sure everyone is having a good time.

Video was created by our talented contributor Chris Bellizzi


chris bellizzi

Chris Bellizzi is a photographer, filmmaker, and survival-based cocktail craftsman. A perpetual fan of road trips and window seats, he recently embarked on a nine-month journey across thirteen countries capturing an episodic documentary on candid cultural perception.  Back now in the great state of New Jersey editing this project, Chris is looking forward to making new connections and finding new perspectives to keep the creative juices flowing.


“Growing up right next to the restaurant Mecca in NJ I was always intrigued with food and wine. We were always taught at a young age to do what you love. I love to eat and I love to drink, who doesn’t? With a day off here and there, I still find myself at restaurant eating, drinking and always learning. I’m an avid fan of the shore especially Asbury Park and cape May and always find my self 3 putting on a golf course.” — Steve Colombaro


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