By Jason Kopacz

Just above the nape
Ruffled and charged with static
Fuzzier than others 

Bubbling nostalgia popping and spreading
Like the chill of an early Autumn evening
Two bodies lying at the crest of a hill
Staring through their thoughts at nirvana 

With one nostril burning cold
A head cold by dawn
Stare and stoke it
Keep the flames eating


“I tried capturing the feeling of nostalgia which is imagined in this poem by a number of different things brought together in the same instance. One of them being the hair on the back of someone’s head getting messy because of the material in the hood of a hoody rubbing against it. The others have to do with changing weather, unique things your body does as you start getting a little sick, and experiencing passion with someone. “

-Jason Kopacz

Jason k

Jason is an adventure lover from Bayonne, New Jersey. He is currently teaching English and living in Hanoi, Vietnam.  He loves writing, riding motorbikes, backpacking, trying new foods and experiences. To see more of Jason’s work, follow @Kopaczpoetry. Jason writes in another blog called Definitely Not Missing.
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