California Math & Science Challenge: Interview ft. Jeff Major

See how robots, brazillian jiu justu and octoposes all play a role in educating kids from underserved communities. Today we’re blessed to share an interview with Jeff Major, Director of Training for the Californa Math and Science Challenge.

Jeff is a sTEm maniac who empowers students and teachers to: wield potent culinary spells in the kitchen, program semi-autonomous robots to dance the Cha Cha, grow tomatoes of noble birth, track sea slugs and octopods in the wild, build electric speakers to bump Deadmaus….you know…the use!

Currently he is the Director of Training for the Nonprofit CA Math & Science Challenge which is dedicated to providing curriculum, teacher training, & ongoing professional development underserved communities who wish to create Early Learning Advantage™ robotics-based sTEm programs.

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