Mischa’s Got Milk (WBDP1)




Description: In the first episode of the WoBistDude Podcast, Michael sits down with Mischa, the inventor of a brand new product which seeks to blend the pursuits of nutrition and sustainability into one package. 

Show Notes (table of contents):

1:30 – An early experiment with being vegetarian

2:50 – The origins of Mischa’s Milk

10:00 – Experiments with diet

15:40 – Vegans, opinions and the political nature of food

21:00 – Stumbles and difficult points in product development

23:00 – Master Thesis Issues

24:00 – Startup Weekend

27:00 – Hiring

30:00 – Product Development 

32:00 – Applying for a grant

35:00 – Dealing with criticism

39:00 – The current (late 2018) product

40:40 – Mischa hits the table 3 times

41: 00 – Target Group

42:00 – Advice to younger self

45:00 – Coping with the emotional ups and downs

48:35 – Book recommendation on the topic of balance

53:00 – Quick fire questions

56:00 – The first time mischa got in trouble

59:00 – 3 favorite books, movies or people

Mischa is a young entrepreneur living outside of Munich, Germany. He is currently working on a plant-based, milk substitute. Mischa enjoys rock climbing, hiking and a variety of outdoor activities.

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