The Canvas of Life

By Aneesh Kotru

This canvas of life, it brings back a thrill,

Teasing my senses, which colours should I fill,

As possibilities galore stand beckoning at me, 

The limits stay hidden within confines of my will.


It spreads across stars and angels up high,

Into greens of the ocean and the soft blue sky,

For seekers of truth and dreamers alike,

It flaunts the portrait of a bitter sweet lie.


Like the thread of time, this canvas grows long,

Within blink of an eye, billions of years strong,

Though too much has past, the best is to come,

This essence of life is a perpetual swan song.


It flutters in the wind as a symbol of pride,

It carpets the ground beneath ever stride,

Footprints of valor, as their march goes on,

Exploring the unknown, only faith their guide.


It isnt just a paper, simply pasted on the wall,

It shelters the ego, no matter big or small,

Any picture that bears, this burden of a trait,

Deserves a frame, in destiny’s eternal hall.


With every stroke, the heart often beats,

Hoping for solace, quietly roams the streets,

In company of another, with beats to match,

Thats when you know, the picture completes.


With nothing to lose and nothin to win,

Not a thought about future, or the has-been,

This canvas of life it blankets me whole,

Flaunting my colours, my virtue and my sin.

Music Credits:

Indian Flute Music for Yoga: Bansuri music, Instrumental music, Calming music, Yoga music

Youtube channel – Nu Meditation Music

Track Name: Mandala

 Album: Indian Flute

Artist: NuMeditationMusic

Aneesh: “For me ‘it’s all about myself’, but not in the self-centered way that this phrase is generally interpreted. I am in the pursuit of perfection, to develop myself beyond just the physical, and into the realms of the metaphysical. The word ‘spirituality’ is used quite a bit as a cliché, but beyond that, the depth of what it actually stands for, what the word ‘aum’ and its symbol ‘ॐ’ stand for, is where it all begins to take shape in understanding the cosmos and our significant insignificance in it. Hence, my writing is based on my experiences, thoughts, wishes, emotions, and most importantly my view from the audience, as the world takes stage.”
Aneesh Contributed: A Song of Senses,Bound by Choice

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