Empty House Man, Stephen Bates – (WBDP 2)

Stephen Bates is a young man who is bringing empty buildings back into use by addressing the personal and financial issues in housing. He stopped by to deliver us our second podcast.

He describes what he does as: “It’s a people’s game. Getting to know the people is the important part… I really do believe that property is secondary”.

More from Empty House Man here: https://www.facebook.com/emptyhouseman/

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Show Notes:

0:00 – Intro

3:40 – First time you went to someone’s door

11:00 – Current Project

16:00 – Housing issues in big international cities

18:44 – Addressing personal issues in housing

20:00 – Arguing over measurement systems with Michael

22:00 – The perspective of a landlord + advice for young tenants

27:30 – Fun Little Questions

27:50 – Who do you think is underappreciated in society

30:30 – What annoys you?

35:20 – If money was no longer an issue what would you do first?

39:00 – 200 miles on a skateboard

44:18 – A book, a movie and a musical piece

Here’s what it looks like:

Stephen is a South African / British Engineer, passionate about new ideas and innovations. He enjoys any kind of adventure sports and the outdoors. Since 2016, he has been pursuing the goal to bring empty houses back into use, thus, bringing life back to communities, as the “empty house man”.

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