Interview: Cold Weather Company

Cold Weather Company is a New Jersey Based, Alternative- Folk band which just released its new album “Find Light”.

More information about the band can be found HERE


0:00 – Intro

0:20 – New Album, theme of working through internal conflict

2:45 – Balancing a diverse range of interests between band


5:27 – Expressing personal issues through music

8:44 – Love for the New Brunswick music scene (New Jersey)

9:45 – Touring in a school bus

11:45 – If you were given the chance, who would you want to

collaborate with?

13:58 – How has the band grown since 2014?

17:00 – Where can we find your music?

Cold weather company accounts:

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter 

Cold Weather Company: ‘Steadily building their artistic style and audience for the past five years, New Jersey-based alternative folk band Cold Weather Company carries a diverse sound, rich with harmonies and instrumental builds. The band combines the various writing approaches and influences of its three members, Brian Curry, Jeff Petescia, and Steve Shimchick, to create unique arrangements and intricate layering. Their third full-length album, “Find Light,” was released on January 25th, 2019 and expands mightily on their core of three voices, two guitars, and a piano.’

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