Miriam on Interracial Dating, Anxiety and Hugging Trees – (WBDP 3)

This episode of the WoBistDude podcast spans a wide variety of topics from anxiety and panic attacks, to the environmental movement to dating a foreigner. Michael sits down with Miriam, a student and tree hugger living in Munich, Germany. Miriam enjoys Yoga, books and science documentaries.


More from Miriam at @maidmrm on Twitter and Instagram.


00:35 Talking about Miriam’s blog post on anxiety and panic attacks

05:48 How to help someone who has a panic attack

06:45 What does it feel like to have a panic attack

08:40 Stigma of anxiety being a sign of weakness

11:19 Being in a relationship with someone who has anxiety

14:40 How to better deal with anxiety and panic attacks

16:35 Talking to trees and building a connection to nature

20:55 Visiting a lignite mining site

26:45 Concrete is not sexy

31:30 Do everything right or stop trying? Judgement by environmentalists

36:28 Dating an Asian American – stereotypes and stares

40:20 Misunderstandings and language barriers

43:25 Quick fire questions


Netflix documentary on corals – “Chasing Coral”

Book mentioned – A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara

Movie mentioned – Vincent will Meer

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