Bobby talks Brad Pitt, Jesse James and Life in Dublin – (WBDP 4)

Bobby is a longtime friend of Michael. In this podcast they shoot the shit, catch-up and talk about Bobby’s life in Dublin, Ireland.

You can read Bobby’s WoBistDude blog posts here: 

Cooling TowerThe Mystery MatineeThe State That Im In

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1:00 – Intro
2:33 – Irish literature to a life in Dublin
4:33 – Bobby found love on tinder
7:00 – Transportation in Ireland
8:30 – Mom’s reaction to living abroad
10:00 – Recent life update: Bob’s new role as sales manager
11:15 – The impossible burger
14:10 – Korean Movie, “Burning”
18:30 – What did Michael have for dinner?
19:53 – The origins of “Ke-Bobby”
22:10 – Something uniquely Irish
23:50 – How to be a tourist in Dublin
26:43 – Gaelic sports
30:46 – Quirky questions begin
30:52 – What is your spirit animal?
32:23 – What is one thing you won’t eat?
35:14 – Name your favorite Movie, Book and Song, then explain the common theme
38:50 – Tell us about the first time you remember getting in trouble
40:00 – Pick 3 people to rob a bank with 
43:50 – How do you relax?
45:39 – Bob asks Michael, what he would do if he retired…tonight
46:35 – Bob asks about WoBistDude


Bobby: “Having lived in New Jersey, Georgia, California, and Ireland, all in the past decade, I’m not really sure where I’m from anymore. What I do know is that I love music more than anything, movies after that, and I pretend to read more books than I actually do. Currently working in Sales for the tech company: Asana. You can usually find me watching trashy 90’s Japanese Gangster Films, listening to Thee Oh Sees on repeat, or drinking a pint around Dublin.”

Bobby Contributed:  The Mystery MatineeCooling Tower

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