Long Legs, Raw Herring & The Things You Do in Amsterdam – (WBDP 6)


I met Brooke when she visited our mutual friend Massimo in Munich and she’s pretty awesome so without further ado, here’s our conversation.  


0:00 – Intro

1:38 – Why Amsterdam?

6:10 – Reactions from friends

6:40 – Questions about weed

8:50 – Impressions of the red light district

10:00 – Merchants and morals (or lack thereof)

11:32 – Do they speak english?

13:25 – Living with tallest people in the world, and some other adjustments

15:52 – Who did you vote for in the election? 

18:03 – Misconceptions about Amsterdam and the Dutch

19:50 – Have you changed? 

20:33 – Dutch Fashion

21:55 – The dating scene in Amsterdam

26:10 – Raw herring

27:30 – What did living in Europe teach you about being an American?

31:08 – Brooke digs into the memory hole and pulls out a curse word

34:48 – Carrying over a hobby from USA

36:20 – Funky questions

36:50 – Chinese brain teaser

39:30 – Bank Robbery Question

40:48 – Series recommendation

41:51 – Michael cried one time

42:07 – Brooke reveals her spirit animal and her powerful pun game


Brooke: Originally from the exotic land of corn and Lebron James, Brooke moved out of Ohio for the second time 6 months ago when she came to Amsterdam. When she’s not binging documentaries or vegan desserts (often at the same time) she loves to backpack and enjoy canalside coffees.

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