Running Away From Germany ft. Chelsea – (WBDP 7)

Chelsea was one of the first contributors on the WoBistDude blog. She is on today’s show to talk about food, running, wildlife adventures and a whole lot more.

Show Notes:

0:20  – Introduction

1:20 – Chelsea’s blog posts: how she became a runner, spongebob and moose tracks ice cream

7:20 – Chelsea’s survival guide

9:40 – Veggie to vegan

13:04 – Is honey vegan? 

16:38 – Berlin Marathon

19:30 – How to handle aggressive dogs on the road

20:37 – sights, sounds and food from race day

27:00 – Chelsea ran in a big circle and she cried

24:25 – The move from Germany to USA (this already happened), what do you miss and where do you feel at home?

37:49 – The luxurious Queen Mary  

39:09 – Human wildlife conflicts. Man vs Cougar and more

46:03 – educating the general public about wildlife

49:48 – One word answers to some quick fire questions

50:05 – Do you have a role model in your life?

51:50 – “The Hangman’s Daughter”

53:40 – Adventure stories

54:56 – 3 people to take on your rescue team to save Berry from some bad and dangerous people

 56:53 – You have a ticket to go anywhere, where would you go?

Chelsea is a graduate school student studying Sustainable Resource Management in Freising, Germany. She grew up with her father in the military, so she isn’t sure where she’s from and either says California or Missouri, occasionally Maine, depending on the person asking. When she isn’t working on finishing her degree she’s is hanging out with her very excitable dog, outside running, in the gym, babysitting, or cooking (vegan) food.
Chelsea Contributed:The Best Buffet in the World, Running Into Myself

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