Getting Clean and Making Memes | ft. Nick – (WBDP 8)

Nick is a young man who is an amateur grappling athlete and former decorated highschool wrestler. He comes on the podcast to detail his struggle with anxiety, depression and addiction. It is a deeply personal journey with lessons weaved in throughout.

 Fair warning– the internet connection during this podcast left something to be desired so our audio did have a few small jumps. Learn more about Nick and/or the Wobistdude podcast at


2:00 – About the Blogpost “This Polite and Sneaky Demon”

5:35 – The reactions of others and the point when the problem became real

8:05 – Getting involved with people who were up to no good

9:03 – Being mental ill and withdrawing from school on a medical leave

11:19 – The kind of people who go through substance abuse and the decisions that bring them to that point

13:30 – Being around those with like-minded goals; in a circle of positive reinforcement

15:00 – Ideas and push back on disease and addicts

18:00 – Adopting a new outlook on life to cope with dark cynical thoughts and big questions

21:28 – It doesn’t get easier staying clean but it gets easier to deal with

22:23 – Going through extraordinary lengths to get high and the resultant consequences

23:10 – Breathing for your life

25:36 – Staying upbeat and maintaining a sense of humor through hardship

27:14 – Golden quote

28:09 – Looking back 

29:50 – Relapse and an irresponsible rehab facility somewhere in Las Vegas

34:54 – Misconceptions about drug addicts

37:12 – The 12 step program

42:25 – Back to the Vegas story

44:54 – A turning point

47:33 – The role of the Gym and fitness in overcoming discomfort

49:00 – Ego in competition

50:30 – We talk grappling

53:08 – Juicy J

57:48 – Working in HVAC

60:00 – Nick’s blog

62:00 – Where does the meme lord get find/create his ammunition

63:48 – Spirit Animal

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