Marriage, Student Life & the Expat Experience | ft. Grishma – (WBDP 9)

Grishma stopped by to share a variety of aspects of her life with us. This was a very rewarding conversation and we got to learn a whole lot about this wonderful young woman.

Show Notes:

0:15 – Intro

0:39 – Wedding blog post

0:50 – Arranged marriages in India

4:30 – The first date, between the families

8:48 – Breaking up in an arranged marriage

9:58 – Treatment of women and views towards women in India

13:10 – Female Engineers

14:35 – Perceptions of life in Germany

17:30 – Independence from parents

18:05 – This is what Grishma’s been eating for the past two years

24:20 – Sorce(students organizing conventions everywhere). Conferences around Europe 30:10 – Ideas for a podcast with a friend

32:50 – Rando questions

33:07 – one extra hour of sleep every day for life or 15 million euros right now

34:15 – Chinese Brainteaser

37:56 – Name a hero or person you admire

38:37 – What are you afraid of?

39:20 – what do you do to relax?

39:40 – Describe your favorite meal

40:45 – Grishma reveals her spirit animal

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