3-Way Verbal Kung-Fu | ft. Michael, Bobby & Miriam (WBDP 11)

This is part silly-goose time, part cultural commentary and part surprise. Bobby and Miriam exchange words and questions in an interview with Michael. Topics include: adolescence, cultural differences, sustainability topics, Michael being stubborn, college life, contemporary gender topics, music, food and kung-fu dreams. 

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1:05 – intro to tidy whities

2:30 – were you aware of being the funny guy growing up?

4:50 – would you say that living in Germany has calmed you down a bit?

5:30 – Do germans have a sense of humor?

7:20 – The German stare

10:15 – Asians in Germany

11:18 – parents influencing you 

12:40 – immigration stories

14:41 – why did you go to Germany?

15:30 – Environmental movement in USA vs Germany

16:32 – Bringing sustainability to other places… USA?

21:25 – on being stubborn 

23:40 – When did you “become an adult”?

25:30 – If you’d change one thing from college years what would you hone in on? 

28:25 – highschool to college, toxic masculinity, openness with sexuality

32:23 – (for Miriam) groups of girls competing?     

36:00 – Who are the 3 people that you would bring on your bank heist?

39:17 — What does an idea day of food look like for you?

41:10 – 5 artists, in a dream festival lineup

43:00 – what do you listen to when you workout?

45:21 – Bobby has a dream, Michael ruins it

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