Handcrafted Lessons in Entrepreneurship | ft. Allie Dietzek (WBDP 12)

For the uninitiated, we spoke with Allie Dietzek about a year ago when she was just embarking on her journey to start reign_wala, a commerce ecosystem where the artisans can earn a fair price for their handcrafted pieces.  We got her on the WoBistDude podcast to catch up and see what she’s been up to.

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Hello from Allie!


0:34 – Intro to Allie Dietzek and reign_wala

4:33 – What has happened during the past year for you and reign_wala

5:40 – What is Macrame?

8:15 – How did you test for product fit and which markets did end up selling them in?

9:57 – Knowing which flea markets to sell reign_wala products in

15:45 – The challenge of making the online experience reflective of a market experience

17:10 – Experiences sharing profit with the artisans

25:39 – What makes a good product photo?

28:02 – How is Sunny, the first reign_wala artisan doing?

30:19 – Are the close relationships that reign_wala is built on possible for large clothing companies to achieve?

38:14 – Are you currently hiring?

41:49 – Could you name one belief you held last year that you changed your mind about and one that you reaffirmed through experience?

45:56 – What does it feel like putting your all into something?

47:42 – Tips and tricks for traveling safely and intelligently

52:09 – Name a role model of yours

56:07 – What is your spirit animal

Allie Dietzek spent 10 years in customer experience innovation before founding reign_wala. She was born in New York, currently lives in India & NYC, and is an eternal student of the world.
Allie Contributed: May the Artisan Reign Supreme!

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