Truth in Magma: Interview w/ Volcanologist Arianna Soldati

Enjoy our interview with Munich-based volcanologist Arianna Soldati:

Interview with Arianna Soldati

Here are our shownotes:
00:00 – intro
00:54 – recent projects
01:46 – common misconceptions about volcanoes
03:48 – how to spot a volcanic eruption before it happens?
05:21 – volcanoes as a creative force in our world
06:45 – how to prepare for an eruption
08:07 – walking into the mouth of an active volcano
09:50 – before you visit an active volcano
11:03 – volcanoes bridging the gap between culture and science
12:15 – where to learn more

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Arianna Soldati

Arianna is a Volcanologist and Science Communicator. Originally from Italy, she is currently based in Munich, Germany, but will happily go wherever her unusual career may bring her in the future. She only enjoys hiking “mountains” that have a crater on the top, and she will never tire to talk about them.

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