Tales From The Arctic Tundra | ft. Cecilia Di Bernardi (WBDP 13)

Ceclia is a bright young biologist + filmmaker. She comes onto the WoBistDude podcast to talk about her past experience studying the Arctic Fox, airing a documentary on National Italian TV and so much more.

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Show Notes:

0:17 – Introduction

1:00 – Cecilia’s thesis

2:30 – Why the Arctic fox

3:08 – The field diary from the Norwegian Tundra

4:48 – Why is the Norwegian tundra like the moon?

6:22 – How to occupy yourself during the downtime

8:36 – Disconnecting from the world for a month and spending time with yourself

9:39 – The lifestyle of the Arctic fox, cute pups, diet and their ecosystem role

12:09 – Climate Change affecting rodent populations affecting fox populations

12:59 – What is in Arctic fox food?

13:30 – the NINA program (breeding Arctic foxes for release)

14:35 – Do you get attached to these animals before you release them?

15:44 – Why does the Arctic fox need so much conservation support?

18:39 – Which animals have tried to break in (or gotten stuck) to your feeding station?

20:30 – Did you see anything that you never expected to see in the Tundra?

22:12 – Where and when did you develop your interest in wildlife?

24:12 —  Talk about your passion for sharing this fascination via filming wildlife

28:21 – What was it like seeing your documentary air on Italian National TV?

29: 35 – Describe your story creation process for this documentary

31:45 – You occupied your highschool…and documented it?

33:06 – You have what many people consider to be a dream job. Give us the highlights and challenges of what you do?

36:12 – How can you go about making the dream job into a fulltime job?

37:38 – Do you feel that people today are disconnected from wildlife?

39:49 – Name one of your favorite books that you read out in the field

42:30 – if you had to write a book what would you write it about?

42:51 – Could you name one of your heroes

44:47 – Tell us about your spirit animal

47:30 – You are stuck on an island, what do you bring for survival and fun and of course, who would you bring to keep you company?

Cecilia is a young biologist. She lives in Sweden where she is doing her PhD on wolf predation ecology. She spent part of the last 3 summers in the Norwegian tundra working as field assistant in a monitoring and conservation project on arctic foxes. She loves to film her adventures and tell stories about the animals she studies, from capuchin monkeys in Argentina, to arctic foxes in Norway and wolves in Sweden. When she is back home, in Rome, she sings, plays the accordion, and arranges little concerts with Sara, her best friend since childhood.

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