Talking Trash in Pune ft. Radhika Dhingra

Full interview, Pune, India

We caught up with Radhika Dhingra to talk about how people in the city of Pune are tackling the issue of waste management.

Interview notes:
0:00 – Intro
0:20 – Could you go over some of the waste management issues that India is facing as a whole?
2:05 – What got you into managing municipal solid waste?
3:01 – Do you see any solutions for waste management from within the indian political system?
4:09 – How can picking out trash present opportunities for the socially excluded?
5:10 – Could you tell us about the waste pickers that you have been interviewing?
6:41 – What is Swatch?
7:21 – Advice for people living in Pune

Radhika Dhingra – I’m pursuing my masters in environmental science from Germany. I’m keen on working in a developing country and creating an impact there. And thus, as soon as I got the opportunity, I decided to be back in India and work on my thesis here.
I’m very much interested in Politics and so I’m just trying to figure out my ways to be a part of the political system and represent people and their problems. 🙂 

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  2. Deepti Hegde says:

    Great job,stay blessed radhika

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    All the best ma’am👍 will definitely do what you have advised 😊

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