Chaitanya on SRM Talks | (WBDP 14 )

A Day At An SRM Talks Event

SRM Talks is a knowledge sharing initiative which answers the question of how to bridge the gap between the academic study and practical application of sustainable resource management. We speak with the co-founder Chaitanya Sure to see the motivation behind the creation of this initiative.

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Show notes:

00:17 –  An intro to Chaitanya

02:48 – The origins of SRM talks

06:35 – The criteria in choosing guest speakers

11:00 – The Q & A dynamic of the event

12:40 – Food!

15:00 – Using past experiences and organizational improvisation for SRM Talks

16:10 – Funding and volunteer organizers

20:15 – Lessons Chaitanya has taken from this experience

21:20 – A recent challenge

25:42 – Networking opportunities

27:25 – Who is your dream guest?

31:20 – Sects within Sustainability, views on capitalism in sustainability

35:24 – Name a mentor or a role model of yours?

42:27 – the near future, the now of SRM Talks

44:40 – Chaitanya’s message for our international listeners

Founded in 2017, SRM Talks is an initiative from the students of the graduate programme ‘Sustainable Resource Management’. It is aimed at organising monthly talks under the motto ‘SRM talks challenges of the future’. The topics of interest for this series gravitate around environment protection, climate action and sustainable development.

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