3rd Culture Kids, Burn Out & Sustainable Fashion|ft. Mandy Ho (WBDP 15)

Mandy is on the WoBistDude Podcast to discuss several things including 3rd culture kids, burnout and thoughts on sustainable fashion. Learn more about mandy at @mandyho on instagram.

Show Notes:

00:25 – Introduction

01:43 – Where are you from? “But where are you really from?”

04:56 – Do you feel like you missed out on any cultural or societal things because you moved around so much in your adolescence? 

06:27 – Growing up in Germany

08:14 – What was the relocation process like in each place that you’ve been in, was Hong Kong different than Saigon versus Germany?

11:08 – Define the concept “third- culture kid” (TCK)

14:46 – Germany, Hong Kong, Saigon and Amsterdam — name your favorite cuisine. 

18:05 – The international communities in these cities and meeting other third culture kids in other places.

21:09 – A new relationship with the TCK concept after learning about it from an academic perspective

23:57 – Mandy is NOT comfortable with couch surfing

25:00 – Burnout, describe your experience with it

28:03 – The mismatch between who you are and the job function

29:29 – There is pressure on young people to “have a purpose”. Not knowing is okay.

30:12 – What was the situation like before, during and after the Burnout?

33:20 – Bringing the relationship along and making this big adjustment together

35:48 – Explaining the big career change and burnout to other people

37:37 – Warning signs before a burnout

38:49 – Moving from your day job towards your passion and exploring

40:09 – Mandy’s introduction to sustainable fashion

43:45 – Thoughts on sustainability in fashion, consumer awareness

47:42 – Big brands fast fashion

49:00 – Who do you think is underappreciated in society?

51:06 – What topic do you think people take way too seriously?

52:50 – Tell us your spirit animal

53:30 – What would you do with 500 free euros right now?


Mandy Ho is from Germany, Hong Kong, and Vietnam. A Third Culture Kid, she is currently living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, but who knows how long it’ll be until her next adventure. When she’s not raising awareness about gender equality, climate crisis, and mental health, she loves to get out of her comfort zone and experience new things such as aerial and bungee dance classes and volunteering at TedX and hopefully the UEFA Euro 2020

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