Streetwear, Brand-Building & Entrepreneurship w/ Ibby Adnan | (WBDP 16)

Today we speak with New Jersey entrepreneur Ibby Adnan. Ibby is a longtime friend of WoBistDude and he is on the show to speak about brand building, streetwear and entrepreneurship. You can learn more about Ambitious Heights here and Tailored Ink here.

Show Notes:

1:00 – Introduction to Tailored Ink

6:00 – How do you learn about a company’s brand? What types of questions do you ask?

7:05 – Is the customer always right? Advising clients on brands and accommodating needs.

10:18 – What are the baby steps or precursors to creating a brand?

12:44 – how did you win over your first supporter or client?

15:24 – Why rebrand? What was the brand before and where do you want Ambitious Heights to go?

23:35 – How do you get honest advice and feedback?

25:17 – is there a specific way that you ask for this feedback?

26:10 – What’s it like doing business in New Brunswick? Great things? Challenges?

29:16 – working with Jersey Champs to create hub-city merchandise

30:30 – AH music

35:00 – AH Foundation

40:30 – Can you dispel a few myths about entrepreneurship?

44:00 – Could you talk about a trait that separates the clothing companies that stick around from the ones that are long gone?

46:02 – Name an artist, designer or brand that has recently influenced you

50:25 – Talk about someone that you admire but at the same time disagree with

53:52 – Rob a bank, pick 3 friends to help you do it, tell us why you would make these choices

57:34 – What will you be doing 24 hours from this call that we are on (call is happening in November 2019)

58:25 – Wrap up, where can people go to learn more about either Ambitious Heights or Tailored Ink

Ibby is a New Jersey entrepreneur in charge of the clothing company/ non-profit Ambitious Heights and the Tailore-Ink company. He lives for fashion, hip-hop and the Denver Broncos. When he is not working you can find him chillin with friends and listening to music.

Ibby contributed: Interview: Ambitious Heights

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