Human Elements in Photography and Media ft. Erin Skoczylas | (WBDP 17)

Erin is a photojournalist and communications specialist living in Germany. Her work has taken her all over the world and we are happy to have her on to explore media and photojournalism. This one is super insightful and fun. Enjoy.


Show Notes:

00:00 – Intro

00:44 – What got you into photojournalism?

02:19 – Do you remember your first camera?

04:14 – The journey from sports to journalism

07:04 – How have you been changed by the places that you’ve visited?

10:50 – In your experience how do different cultures react to the camera?

14:36 – How do you meet the person who can connect you to all the vital points of a story?

16:30 – Did you consciously push your work towards having a more human element?

18:00 – Erin explains the importance of how people are portrayed in the media

19:20 – High profile interviews, how did you set yours up?

21:47 – Where do you go to get your news and information?

24:30 – COVID-19, will this change how media and the general public approaches topics such as the environment and climate change?

28:30 – Talk about your story, Migration in Central America

30:48 – Were you ever afraid during your adventures? Are you fearless Erin?

35:50 – communications vs. storytelling

41:16 – Movie recommendations and photography heroes

44:00 – Do you ever see a protest that people are running away from and instead walk towards them with fascination?

45:46 – Any advice for people trying to find out what they want to do?

50:21 – What is your spirit animal?

53:00 – You are on an abandoned island, name one thing you would bring for survival, one thing to keep you occupied and one person to keep you company

54:45 – Question for Michael, do you have a preferred format of media to produce content in?

1:00:00 – Erin’s future projects European Cultural Parliament Future Generation and gaia LiNc.

Learn more about erin and her work at

Credit: Erin Skoczylas

Erin Skoczylas is an American photojournalist and communications specialist living in Berlin Germany. Since her start in photography in 2013, Erin has covered socio-environmental topics and issues in areas such as the Brazilian Pantanal, the Peruvian Amazon, and an immigration crisis in Central America. She is currently in her masters of International Relations and Cultural Diplomacy to explore the role of communications between stakeholders to encourage environmental policy. You can see more of her work at or follow her Instagram @photosbyerisko.

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