Melissa Angel on Banjo Wielding, finding Jane Goodall and saving the world from home (WBDP 20)

We join environmental communicator Melissa Angel as she describes her experience running one of the largest early post-COVID-19 virtual conferences for the Global Landscapes Forum. We also dive into her journey through environmental communications in different organizations around the world and we even get an introduction to her dog Morby!

Find out more about the upcoming Global Landscapes Forum virtual event on Biodiversity here:

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Show Notes:

00:00 – Introduction

01:08 – What brought you to Germany the 3rd time?

02:33 – have you always been into nature and the outdoors?

04:37 – the need to address a disconnect between science & politics

07:12 – What was your experience like working at UN Climate Change?

08:44 – Facilitating conversations with people from different backgrounds via the Global landscapes forum

09:13 – What is the Global Landscapes Forum?

10:27 – what is important to keep in mind when setting up a panel or stage for open conversation between people from different backgrounds?

11:51 – There were some big names at this GLF conference… was it difficult to get in contact with some of these people?

13:04 – When things did not go as planned with the live feed, what was happening behind the scenes?

18:15 – Traditionally people cite networking opportunities as the big plus of attending a live event so what were a few of the ways you facilitated networking during the GLF virtual conference?

20:00 – Can you see more environmental orgs, non profits, holding virtual conferences for big BIG events in the future?

24:08 – Can you name any significant changes that you’ve seen over your years of working for different environmental and climate change organizations in the way we communicate about the environment?

27:22 – is there any one thing that you miss about America while living in Germany?

31:10 – name an unusual habit that you have or an absurd thing that you love?

31:50 – Banjo question, have you had any unique experiences that have come up as a result of you playing this instrument?

34:40 – during the past five years what new belief, behavior or habit has had a direct impact on your life?

36:49 – Pick 3 people to help you rob a bank, tell us who and why

39:08 – You have the world as your social media feed for one post, what is your message to everyone, everywhere?

Podcast bio pic Melissa

Melissa Angel is an environmental communicator working at the Global Landscapes Forum. She is also an avid banjo player and mom to a dog named Morby!

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