Exergaming & Design w/ Felipe Guarin (WBDP 21)


00:00 – Intro
01:11 – What is Kinix and what do you do for it? (dissolving the line between E-sports and sports)
02:03 – Addressing common criticisms when talking about E-sports when comparing them to traditional physical sports
04:37 — What does the Kinix platform consist of?
07:41 – What kind of interaction did you get from the sports side during the testing and developing of your game
10:45 – Motivation, interaction and self-determination theory (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Self-determination_theory)
12:05 – Can we discuss the video game predecessors that laid the building blocks for what you are currently creating?
16:30 – What do you think about the progress with augmented reality games such as HADO (augmented reality dodgeball)?
19:37 – What kind of games were you playing growing up?
22:11 – Let’s talk about chess, why is this your favorite game?
25:00 – Why do you think chess is so timeless?
26:10 – What is Whatever Works?
28:50 – can you name a role model of yours and tell us why you admire this person?
29:57 – what is an usual habit that you have or an absurd thing that you love?
31:14 – The world is now your social media audience, what is your one message to everybody, everywhere?
32:30 – What would you do right now with 500 more euros?
33:44 – Name 3 people to help you rob a bank
35:10 – Michael’s unusual habits?
35:56—Wrap up

Felipe Guarin is a creative executive living in Tokyo, Japan, with strong branding and marketing experience and a passion for technology, design and applied creativity complemented with a successful start-up experience. He studied Political Science at the Externado University in Bogotaì and later did a Masters in Marketing at the Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona and a Master in media design at Keio University in Tokyo. He is a Colombian experiential designer and entrepreneur who started working as a creative for BBDO. His experience at BBDO gave him enough confidence led him to start his design studio called Whatever Works. The studio has quickly become a hub for brands looking for a novel way to connect with their consumers. Some clients include Discovery Chanel, Jack Daniel’s, and Netflix. Felipe has been researching over the last 3 years the relation between games, sports, and technology he started in the field intuitively and ended co-founding Kinix a video game studio based in Japan that aims to dissolve the line between sports and e-sports.

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