Cinematography & Type II Fun with Lakshika Serasinhe (WBDP 22)

Lakshika Serasinhe is a cinematographer and director from Galway, Ireland. He joins us on the WoBistDude podcast to talk all things video, cinema and film. Find out more about his work at  insta: @lakshika_films

Show Notes:

00:00 – Intro

00:39 – When did you start filmmaking?

04:45 – do you remember when people started putting photos online (2005ish)?

06:51 – Justin Davey? How do you know this guy?

08:24 – What kinds of projects do you create/ work on?

12:00 – has COVID-19 created any changes in your work during 2020?

13:50 – Getting to know where you live during COVID-19

16:15 – do you think the way people approach independent filmmaking will change in the long term as a result of COVID-19?

19:30 – What is your secret storytelling sauce?

23:00 – Let’s talk about a film you worked on called “Daughter”: An old man approaches a woman on the street and says she reminds him of his daughter, they have lunch, the old man has absurd flashbacks ….

25:05 – Film Challenges, whats tough about having these tight 48 hour time constraints

30:50 – There are 3 types of fun, type I, type II and type III type fun

33:50 – Where do you get your inspiration from? 

38:40 – Film: questions to the Irish people from the rest of the world…

45:13 – the next year’s one shot challenge:

46:40 – Were there any culture shocks for you coming to Ireland or growing up as a Sri Lankan in Ireland?

49:00 – What would you consider to be the biggest change in indie filmmaking from when you started to 2020?

Personality Questions

54:00 – Name an unusual habit that you have or an absurd thing that you love

56:00 – What is an unexpected place that filmmaking has taken you to?

1:00:00—what would you do if I gave you 500 euros right now?

1:02:00—rob a bank, pick 3 accomplices to help

1:05:00—name a role model of yours and tell us why you respect this person

1:09:03—You now have the entire earth as your social media following, what is your one message to everybody, everywhere?

1:11:37 – go to !

Lakshika Serasinhe is a cinematographer and director from Galway, Ireland.

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