Dare to Move, Create & Play w/ Raluca & Fozzy (WBDP 25)

Meet Fozzy (aka Prof. Dr. Eckehard Moritz) and Raluca. Fozzy is an acrobat, strongman and head of the innovation consultancy Innovationsmanufaktur in Munich. Raluca is a designer and acrobat. Together we talk about the PowerPlay concept by engaging with the topics of movement creativity and most importantly, play.

Here is a video from PowerPlay:




00:00 – introductions

01:31 – please tell us about your backgrounds in movement

05:17 – how did the two of you meet?

07:15 – What is powerplay?

13:20 – Discussing the powerplay concept videos (link in the description), coming up with new exercises in an everyday environment such as an office

14:44 – What does it mean for you to play?

17:39 – concept application, please apply this concept of play and movement to the room we are having this podcast in (keg shaped stool, chair with an adjustable height)

21:20 – What sort of basics do people need or what kind of experience do people need to do this type of playing? Or how can inexperienced people learn about their physical abilities when working with this type of concept? (focus is your most basic safety measure)

25:06 – Any thoughts on the movement, movement? (ie, Ido Portal, etc)? Functionality, bodyweight movement, acrobatic influenced movement?

27:36 – Contextualizing the powerplay concept with other sports, everyday life as an alternative or even a complement to what your current needs are.

30:26 – Where would you like to take powerplay in the near future?

35:40 —   COVID-19, has it altered the way you are implementing the powerplay concept?

38:39 – For Raluca, has your experience in design influenced your movement in any way or vice versa?

40:33 – For Fozzy, do you find movement affecting your non-movement parts of life?

42:42 – What are the most important things for somebody to remember when they are doing a handstand—basics, how do you start if you are decently strong and athletic.

47:15 – Fozzy, you are one of the few people I know in our modern society who does not use or own a cell phone. I want to hear what your thoughts are around seeing the world evolve with cell phones? What has this 30 year evolution or change in human behavior been like for you?

 53:18—Fozzy, did you have any accurate predictions about the present day 10 years ago?

 55:29—Name a role model you have and tell us why you admire this person

58:16 – hypothetical: rob a bank, pick three accomplices and tell us why you are taking them along

1:00:55 – what are you going to eat for breakfast tomorrow?   

1:03:00—What is one of the best or most worthwhile investments of time, money or effort that you have put into something?

 1:07:00 – bringing a crazy idea to life for “Wetten Dass” the german tv show: carrying a formula 1 car on the soles of your feet while doing a handstand… for 5 meters https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zJKwOangSE

1:11:49 – to learn more about PowerPlay online go here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoYbrE6GAnqaqmFGk8egZDw

Raluca and Fozzy

PowerPlay is an approach to fitness which incorporates a playful and experimental mindset. Fozzy (aka Prof. Dr. Eckehard Moritz) heads the innovation consultancy Innovationsmanufaktur in Munich and Raluca Muntean is a designer and acrobat also living in Munich. View the recent work from Powerplay here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0l32jDdL7HY&feature=emb_title . Find out more from Innovationsmanufaktur at innovationsmanufaktur.com and . Contact Ralu at raluubluu@gmail.com and Fozzy at efm@innovationsmaufaktur.com

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