Connecting With Dance ft. Petra Gucunski (WBDP 28)

Petra Gucunski joins us today to discuss Continuum Dance Company, an organization built to help working professionals reconnect with their love for dance. Aside from this we discussed various aspects of dance and the interesting places dance has taken Petra in life.

Learn more about Continuum Dance Co at or @Continuumdanceco on Instagram.

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00:57 – could you recall your first memory with dance?

01:22 – What is Continuum Dance Company?

01:48 – Could you talk about your own background in dance through highschool and university time and afterwards?

04:24 – What did the first iteration of Continuum Dance Company look like?

04:57 – Did you take anything from your time running the dance company at Rutgers?

05:42 – What does the structure look like in terms of shows and schedule for Continuum?

06:14 – Were you scared in the beginning of this new venture?

07:00 – Can you describe the dancers in the company? Who are they? What do they do?

08:34 – did you take anything that you learned as a marketer over to Continuum?

 09:47—The company itself has gotten a lot of attention. Let’s talk about getting featured in a Forbes article and being in a commercial.

 12:14 – How does one dance in the background for a commercial?

13:56 – How did COVID-19 change the way you run Continuum Dance Co?

 16:40— Do you think the virtual shift that Continuum is going through is reflective of changes happening for the whole industry of dance?

17:55—Name the biggest challenge and the most rewarding aspect of Continuum Dance Co for you

20:29 – Do you ever get distracted from work by Continuum or the other way around?

21:25—are you still waking up at 5:00 am everyday?

22:16 – what is your favorite style of dance?

 23:36 – what is one style of dance that you would like to try out and learn?

 24:29 – For those who are a bit rhythm challenged, what would you tell someone who wants to feel or look a bit more smooth when the music turns on?

 26:27 – Let’s say someone has a relative, partner or friend coming to a dance performance, what can they pay attention to in order to get a deeper appreciation for the execution or hard work that was put in? 

27:59 – what is the general outline or process for choreographing a dance piece? Or what does your process entail?

30:27 – How can we get to the flexibility of the standing side split? Or how long does it take?

 31:50 – Are there any basic exercises people can take from the discipline of dance to incorporate into their fitness or flexibility routines?

33:06 – What is one unexpected place or situation that you ended up in as a result of dance?

34:15 – what is your favorite dance movie?

35:07—can you share any life skills you’ve learned from dancing that you’ve applied to areas not directly connected to dance?

 36:58 – can you name a role model you have and tell us why you respect this person?

38:12 – describe your ideal breakfast

38:44 – can you recommend a Croation dish for people to try out?

39:27 – What is an unusual habit that you have or an absurd thing that you love?  

42:32 – Who in your opinion is an underrated celebrity dancer?

43:49 – Is there any place in the world you would like to travel to in order to experience the local dance culture?

 44:32 – what is one thing that you are looking forward to for 2021?

45:39 – You have earth as your social media following for one post, what is your one message to everyone everywhere?

 46:45 – Cats or horses Petra? Pick one!

 48:06—what does the short and long term future look like for Continuum?

48:56 – @continuumdanceco on Instagram. Virtual auditions can be

49:26 – Flipped over on Michael, what has been the most rewarding thing for you with WoBistDude?

Petra is a Global Marketing professional and dance company founder based in Jersey City, NJ. She balances her love of Excel spreadsheets with her passion for contemporary choreography, all while cuddling her two cats, Basil & Poppy.

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