Sara Speaks on Life in Bayern (WBDP 29)

Sara joins us today to talk about her life and experience living as an American in Munich. We go over what its like getting a master’s degree in Europe and the various aspects of German life and culture which we have lived through. 

Check out Sara’s youtube channel Bay to Bayern: 



00:00 – Intro & pursuing a masters degree in Munich

 05:40 – Preconceived notions and stereotypes about Germans, thoughts on things like efficiency and bureaucracy after living in Germany for a few years

08:14 – Compare and contrast: Seattle vs. Munich

10: 52 – do you have a favorite German dish?

 12:12 – Fasching

13:12 – Let’s talk about your Youtube channel: Bay to Bayern

17:13 – Youtube Channel Format, length, topics? How did you decide on what to do and how to do it?

 20:15 – have you had any unexpected surprises or thing you learned while working on the youtube channel?

21:45 – are there any youtubers that you admire or look up to?

22:50 – What sort of tips could you give to someone trying to acclimate to a new culture or a new city?

24:20 – what’ s it been like adopting a dog in Germany and during 2019?

28:56 – Did you have to do more as a prospective dog owner or a prospective apartment renter in Munich?

34:59 – Getting Married during COVID-19 in Munich

38:39 – what is one thing about America that you miss at the moment?

 40:15 – What is one weird habit that you have or a bizarre thing that you love?

41:29 – what would you do if you suddenly had 500 new euros?

44:27 – If you get to have one post or message to the whole world, what would you say to everyone?

44:45 – Lookout for the Bay to Bayern Facebook and Tik Tok accounts in the near future along with the new videos.

Sara: “Hi everyone, I’m Sara and I am an American living in Germany. On my youtube channel, Bay to Bayern, I particularly like to talk about my experiences going to university in Germany for my masters degree and compare and contrast American and German culture. I hope that I can inspire others to explore other opportunities for higher education.”

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