Across America ft. Isabella Sehringer (WBDP 30)

Today Isabella Sehringer joins us on the podcast for a full ranging conversation on a work-from-home road trip across America, digital storytelling, family business and the love, optimism & hard work that is rising up in today’s USA.

Learn more about Isabella’s work and various projects at @bella3201 on Instagram, or


00:00 – Introduction  

01:32 – Road trip across the USA

05:43 – The car, the MVP of the trip, she was a toaster on wheels

08:28 – How far west did you end up going?

09:03 – Name a memorable experience from this trip… well, name a time that you were afraid on the trip

17:09 – In retrospect, now that you made it out, if you were stuck up there and it came down to dire, dire circumstances, which one of your friends would you have eaten first? (joking)

18:18 – Talk about the visual beauty you encountered out west in nature

21:46 – did you notice any big changes in terms of atmosphere or how people treated each other in the locations you visited as opposed to what you are used to in the Northeast?

24:55 – Boulder Colorado for month

25:17 – What are some traits that you value in a travel companion?

28:03 – Talk about Artifax, the video production company that you cofounded, Documentary featuring Freedom Skatepark in New Jersey

33:10 – Digital Storytelling at A/B Partners a non-traditional agency in the political and social impact space

35:27 – Do you miss your dear brother Albert?

 38:30 – If the stars align and the Sehringers start a family business? What would it be and what would everyone’s roles be?

42:39—What’s one thing about Argentinian culture that you’d like to share with the people listening to this podcast

 45:38 – What would you give as a piece of advice to pre-Covid-19 Bella? 

49:18 – Can you share something about America or Americans that could use some more media attention

 52:01 – Name something that you are looking forward to or feeling optimistic about for 2021

 54:25 – What is an unusual habit that you have or absurd thing that you love?   

 56:20 — to learn about Bella’s projects see the links above!    

Bella – “My name is Isabella Sehringer, I am an American-Argentine media producer based out of New Jersey. I enjoy creating pieces related to identity, culture, and community building. I use film to inspire people, change normality, and encourage society to evolve. My work with Artifax Digital, however, is a whole different monster.”

Bella Contributed: Bella Talks: Blockchain Media, Latina Film-making, Goal Driven Spirit Sloths

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