The Variety Show w/ Grishma Nair (WBDP 31)

We’re thrilled to have Grishma back on the pod today. We are talking about all sorts of things, including arranged marriages being cool again? Life during the pandemic, Bollywood for working out, IT development and of course, flip flops and sandals.

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00:00 – Intro

01:47 – Have your views on Marriage and arranged matchmaking changed since our last podcast when we discussed the topic?

06:20 – how has pandemic life been treating you?

09:45 – what is the thing that you miss most about a pre-pandemic society?

11:37 – what would be the first thing that you do once the world is fully vaccinated

13:37 – Tell me what you’ve been eating recently?

15:24 – Do you miss India at this point?

17:58 – lets talk about the stereotype of Indians working in IT, thoughts? Or what has been your experience with IT/ what have you seen?

19:50 – Did you plan out your experience of coming to Germany and living here for an extended period of time?

20:50 – What surprised you about living here in Germany or Bayern?

23:32 – what is an unusual habit that you have or an absurd thing that you love?

24:40 – Is there anything about 2021 that you are looking forward to?

25:18 – Are you a dog person or a cat person?

25:54—what is one piece of advice that you would give to Pre-pandemic Grishma?

27:24—What would you do if I gave you 500 euros?

28:21 – Tell us who you would take with you on a bank robbery

30:15 – Name a role model of yours and explain why you admire this person

31:03 – Grishma asks Michael who his role models are

Grishma is an IT professional working in Munich who nerds out on everything related to software testing. In her spare time she listens to podcasts, dances to Bollywood music and goes on long walks.

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