Bobby is selling a monitor (WBDP 35)

Bobby is on the show to talk about several big and recent life changes including a career change, marriage and moving to a scary place called New York City. We tried to keep this one as candid and back and forth as possible in a departure from the podcast’s usual interview structure. Bobby is actually selling a Samsung gaming monitor. Please message him if you are interested. Enjoy the show. 

Show Notes:

00:00:28 – WoBistDude Podcast is cheaper than therapy

00:04:11 – Can you describe your ideal role working within the film industry?

00:06:37 – Do your overalls help with relaxation?

00:08:13 – Are there any fears that you have in terms of culture shock as you return to US& A

00:13:29 – Missing NYC food & culture while abroad.

0015:38 – Irish Culture story

00:19:04 – How to add 30 minutes to your Marathon time (Brighton Marathon)

00:23:57 – What did your COVID-19 guilty pleasure meal consist of?

00:25:18 – Question for Michael, what’s your guilty pleasure meal and tell us how you want a pizza

00:29:35 – Tell me about a recent movie that you’ve seen. If you liked it, tell us why. (@theyre_here_podcast on insta)

00:37:11—What are the ingredients to a timeless movie?

00:43:40 – Please tell us about someone that you admire that did something that you disagree with

00:48:20 – What are you doing with a surprise 500 euros in cash?

00:50:30 – Who does Michael admire and also disagree with at times?

Bobby: “Having lived in New Jersey, Georgia, California, and Ireland, all in the past decade, I’m not really sure where I’m from anymore. What I do know is that I love music more than anything, movies after that, and I pretend to read more books than I actually do. You can usually find me watching trashy 90’s Japanese Gangster Films, listening to Thee Oh Sees on repeat, or drinking a pint around Dublin.”

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