Mariana Castano Cano on Climate Comms & 10 Billion Solutions (WBDP 36)

Mariana Castaño Cano is a Spanish climate communications expert with plenty of experience in climate communications and journalism. She is also the founder of 10 Billion Solutions, a global, purpose driven, climate and sustainability communications agency. She joins us on the podcast to share her experiences and thoughts on climate communications. Enjoy!

Show notes:

2:18 – 10 Billion solutions

9:26 – Taking a comprehensive approach to both development and climate action

12:17 – Balancing time, maximizing impact, staying financially stable and maintaining mental health

16:29 – Any techniques from your time as a journalist for meeting deadlines?

18:57 – COP (conference of parties) event in 2021

24:48 – Thoughts on accountability in greenwashing

28:57 – You’ve interviewed many interesting people, do you have any in mind that are memorable or inspiring?

35:32 – How can we use strategic communications to push the needle forward for climate action?

46:06 – What are some notable changes that you’ve seen in the space of climate communications/ action over your career?

48:42 – Tell us about your home companion, your cat!

Mariana COP26

Mariana Castaño Cano is a Spanish climate communications expert. She is convinced that having communications right is half the job of dealing with the climate emergency. She is a cat lover and passionate about meeting people and having meaningful, honest conversations. Find more on and connect with her here.  

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