Building an Environmental Org, and COP26 experience w/ Camille Rivera (WBDP 37)

Important announcement: Since the recording of our podcast several regions of the Philippines have been severely affected by Typhoon Rai (Odette). Camille’s organization will be raising funds for areas of Bais and Southern Leyte. Please feel free to help raise funds or share this donation information.

Camille is a marine conservationist + director and co-founder of Oceanus conservation (an environmental org protecting mangroves and coastal habitats for Filipino communities and wildlife). She joins us today to talk about her recent activities in the environmental space, COP, being a steward for global landscapes forum and some nice chit chat with Michael.

Show notes:

00:48 – What is a Global Landscapes Forum restoration steward and how was your experience with this endeavor?

5:19 – COP and Global Landscapes Forum at COP this year.

12:26 – Corporate greenwashing, valid efforts at sustainability/ climate action & accountability

20:40 – Local culture around Glasgow and in Ireland

26:00 – A very busy and eventful year for Mangroves for the Future

31:12 – Where do you go to learn about grants and financial opportunities for your NGO?

33:41 – If you could talk to the past Camille who had just created this NGO what would you tell her after your experiences this year?

38:01 – Learning by networking

41:16 – Slowing down and relaxing for the holidays

42:50 – Michael shaved his head

Camille on the podcast

Camille Rivera is a marine conservationist from the Philippines. She is the director and co-founder of Oceanus Conservation, ( an environmental organization working on protecting mangroves and other coastal habitats for Filipino communities and wildlife! check out their instagram: Mangroves for our future (” 

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