Adult Friendships, Work-life & Magic Things w/ Miriam (WBDP 38)

Today we are joined by the wonderful Miriam Lohmueller. She is a German woman with an interest in nature + the environment who works for a Bavarian state agency. This is a free-flowing candid discussion on many of the things that both Miriam and Michael are living through. We speak from our experiences on things like adult friendships, anxiety, the relationship between jobs and identity, awesome shows like “Sex Education”, and magic-hipster stuff. Enjoy.

Show Notes:

01:57 – Adult friendships

06:07 – Friends for different stages of life

10:20—Is this podcast cheaper than therapy? (actual topic- coping with anxiety during COVID)

13:55—Differences in coping with anxiety between men and women nowadays

16:24 – Work life/ jobs and identity

27:30 – Shows we’re enjoying, starting with “Sex Education”

31:31 – Music discovery and rediscovery during pandemic life

34:50 – The hipster’s nightmare of secretly loving Taylor Swift

35:44—Cooking during the pandemic and Michael’s 2nd girlfriend

39:35 – What would you do with 500 euros?

39:50 – Conflicted feelings on appreciating JK Rowling

44:41—Check out the new Wombats album

verona with miriam

Miriam likes nature, books and yoga. She has been on WoBistDude a few times now, mostly discussing her mental health journey and this website’s creator Michael (who happens to be her boyfriend). Also, she is slowly accepting that she will never go to Hogwarts but a sprinkle of hope remains!

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