Bobby Talks Job Changes, Garlic Mayo, and Kitty Interview (WBDP 40)

Bobby joins us once more! We discuss his return to the USA (he did sell his computer monitor by the way), learn that you can still find people on Facebook, examine a recent Linkedin announcement, ponder garlic mayo on Pizza and agree to a recorded workout. Most importantly Bobby answers the question, “What is love?”

00:00 – Intro
02:00 – Was there any reverse culture shock when coming back to NYC & NJ?
04:37 – An intro to kitties
05:40 – Getting rejected in a cat interview
07:45 – If your cats could speak to you, what would you ask them or say to them?
09:57 – What is your favorite social media platform to use at this point and why?
12:05 – Making an announcement on Linkedin and then having to address it when things go differently than originally planned
25:26 – New takes on things in America after returning from life abroad
30:39 – America, organized sports, growing up and using sports vs places where you don’t have this type of thing
34:21 – Michael leaves his job!
36:00 – on the cusp of freedom summer
40:12 – Spaghetti Bolognese in bed
43:29 – Michael vows to embrace the darkness and emerge from freedom summer with some more muscles
43:57 – Bobby reveals what love is.

Bobby: “Having lived in New Jersey, Georgia, California, and Ireland, all in the past decade, I’m not really sure where I’m from anymore. What I do know is that I love music more than anything, movies after that, and I pretend to read more books than I actually do. You can usually find me watching trashy 90’s Japanese Gangster Films, listening to Thee Oh Sees on repeat, or drinking a pint around Dublin.”

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