Beauty in Manual Work, Laughing at Darkness, Grappling & Bonds Forged on Xbox live w/ Nick Alpher (WBDP 41)

Today we are joined by Nick Alpher to discuss many many things including stories from working construction, laughing at dark and absurd things in life, a confusing return to college, coaching grappling, wrestling, favorite UFC fighters and the strength of bonds formed on Xbox live. Big thank you to Nick for sharing with honest and vivid detail! Follow Nick at @nalpherfitness on Instagram and checkout his writing on

00:54 – Broken hand + knee injury story (vivid details)

07:08 – Manual labor/ construction is not to be confused with a workout “ It’s like the worst workout you’ll ever do in your life”

 8:47—Beauties and costs of physical work. (Passive aggressiveness of retail & corporate jobs vs direct aggressiveness of construction)

11:10 – Unique friendships made and characters met working in construction

14:10 – Laughing at the dark, absurd, uncertain and tragic things in life

14:56 – Going back to college

20:52 —  Being labeled the muscles & construction guy in a  college class

26:45 – Coaching wrestling, what is your perspective on the young adult’s life — in wrestling and in general — now at this point in your life?

30:34 – helping kids handle anxiety around competition in wrestling + different athletes requiring different coaching approaches

34:47 – Schools of thought in BJJ on trying out new moves in practice and in competition

39:15 – Future goals and wants with grappling, career and job

46:54 – The interest that adults have for wrestling in USA and around the world is increasing!

47:51 – doing BJJ as a wrestler + stigma wrestlers have in BJJ

51:54 – NYC /PA / NJ area is still one of the Meccas for high level grappling

55:01 – Getting stuck in guard

58:09 – Who are your favorite UFC fighters?

1:07:26 – Why was “Halo 1: Combat Evolved” the greatest game ever?

1:10:59 – Making great friendships from Xbox live and turning them into real life friendships

1:18:25 – Nick is trying out a new venture into modeling and checkout

Nicholas has been an HVAC tech and has worked in construction. Now he is a property manager, an avid jiu jitsu practitioner, and a washed up folkstyle wrestler who is consistently pondering the nature of existence. He also plays video games and isn’t sure if he even likes them anymore.

Nicholas Contributed: This Polite and Sneaky Demon

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