Silent Meditation, Photography & the Himalayas ft. Aneesh Kotru (WBDP 44)

Aneesh Kotru joins us today for a life update focused on the rationale behind leaving a job without something lined up, the beauty and atmosphere of the Himalayas, silent meditation and photography. Have a look at Aneesh’s work at [ Signal gets a little weak towards the middle and end of the podcast, sorry about that !]


01:32 – Where are you calling in from? (Himachal Pradesh, India near the Himalayas) The Himalayas puts you at ease.

04:50 – Would you still be open to starting a tea shop at the foot of the mountains? 

07:30 – The journey from leaving the desk job, traveling to Canada and Italy before arriving in India. 

11:01 – Leaving a job without having another one lined up

17:22 – Silent meditation, Aneesh is gearing up, mentally for a silent meditation (Vipassana) retreat for . By the time you read this or hear about this, he will already be done. Being zen in chaos.

22:31 – [ audio is sped up here ]

24:18 – Michael’s experience with meditation

27:20 – Street Photography, when did you get into this and how did you get started? 

32:13 – A future project, “Humans of the Himalayas” [signal issues around 38:10] 

34:53 – How do you approach people on the street for street photography?

38:43 – Can you share any tips or lessons that you have learned about growing a photography oriented Instagram page? (Spend time on Instagram, ENGAGE with people, post frequently + get thick skin for the weird unpredictability of the internet)

44:55 – Landscape & wildlife photography for Aneesh Kotru

47:17 – What do the next few months look like for Aneesh?

Here is a bonus! Scroll below to see some of Aneesh’s work:

Aneesh: “For me ‘it’s all about myself’, but not in the self-centered way that this phrase is generally interpreted. I am in the pursuit of perfection, to develop myself beyond just the physical, and into the realms of the metaphysical. The word ‘spirituality’ is used quite a bit as a cliché, but beyond that, the depth of what it actually stands for, what the word ‘aum’ and its symbol ‘ॐ’ stand for, is where it all begins to take shape in understanding the cosmos and our significant insignificance in it. Hence, my writing is based on my experiences, thoughts, wishes, emotions, and most importantly my view from the audience, as the world takes stage.”
Aneesh Contributed: A Song of Senses,Bound by Choice, Sacred groves of the Himalayas

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