Chelsea Ehret on Changes & Life as a Millennial mom (WBDP 45)

A lot of life has happened since Chelsea was last sharing content on WoBistDude. She gave birth, got married, moved to Maine, got a house, another dog and so much more. We delve into these topics and discuss millennial motherhood, reception towards pregnancy in the workplace, societal expectations, and home ownership.

Show Notes

01:15 – Could you share your thoughts and rationale behind returning to the US when you did go back?

04:20 – Michael is past the 5-year mark in Germany and still has the local language skills of a toddler.

04:27 – Being around other mothers, or not really being around that many mom friends

06:10 – What was the reception of American parents towards Henning (German husband)?

07:52 – Did you originally plan out how you wanted to parent or rather how you wanted the development of your child to unfold? And then did the real life application of these plans force you to improvise and adjust?

09:46 – Chelsea is no longer vegan! She explains how it happened and shares the first thing that she ate

12:20 – Can you give an example or two of something that you had a preconceived notion on, relating to motherhood or parenting, that surprised you once you got to experience it?

18:44 – Societal expectations in the US around work/ identity and who you become when you don’t have a fulltime job (for our example of course we use being a stay at home mom).

25:41 – Baby food, how do you do it? (google German “Tripp Trapp” to see this baby chair)

31:07 – Have you tried your dog’s food?

34:48 – What was it like looking for a house? Buying a house and then doing subsequent renovations?

38:25 – What do you do to escape as a guilty pleasure or to get some “me-time”?

40:00 – Brain teaser time, where would you hide a small paper clip, in the current building that you are in, if you had to make this paper clip unfindable for 24 hours?

43:30 – Check out the newest NASA images from the James Webb space Telescope!

Chelsea also contributed: The Best Buffet in the World, Running Into Myself

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