Miriam looks for a hobby (WBDP 46) 

After almost a year away, the WoBistDude podcast is back. Join Miriam and Michael from their living room as they talk, catch up and spill out what has been on their minds.


1:50 – Intro  into crocheting before a formal intro

9:00 – post covid life for Miriam day-to-day, cooking

15:00 – Fashion and Gen Z!

25:07 – Learning Chinese (Miriam)

31:45 – Miriam saw a play in Munich playing simultaneously b/t  Munich and Burkina Faso – topic was stolen museum artifacts and our relationship with the cultures that were robbed of their artifacts. Title  : Les statues revent aussi.

38:40 – ready for springtime! Weather!

40:06 – Climate doom

42:09 – positive things happening in sustainability / climate action

44:40 — https://klimachancen.bayern/ Miriam works on this

verona with miriam

Miriam likes nature, books and yoga. She has been on WoBistDude a few times now, mostly discussing her mental health journey and this website’s creator Michael (who happens to be her boyfriend). Also, she is slowly accepting that she will never go to Hogwarts but a sprinkle of hope remains!

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