The Sehringer Clan, Reunions & East Coast Living w/ Isabella Sehringer (WBDP 49)

Isabella returns to the pod this week to discuss home & family life, an upcoming wedding, Jersey City, Argentinians in NYC and recent Media. Enjoy the full ranging conversation!

Show Notes

00:50 – Sehringer Clan reunion was in Argentina, Michael and bobby will see them all very soon

04:10 – Hanging out, group dynamic of family all together with the kids all grown up

05:44 – Life during the past two years for Bella, road trip, moving to Jersey City

08:20 – How hard is it to find Argentinians in NYC?

10:05 – Germans don’t typically have long engaging conversations with strangers on the Subway/ Ubahn

12:25 – “The Kitchen is the heart of the home but the garden is the soul” what does this mean?

16:52 – Michael wants to know about overgrown babies in strollers

18:47 – What are the young, cool kids wearing in NYC nowadays?

21:39 – Share your thoughts on the price of living situation in NYC and the surround area in 2023

25:07 – What are you doing for work nowadays?

26:45 – What causes and campaigns are you interested in now or talk about things you’ve been working on.

29:50 – What are you looking for before you start to work with a brand?

31:31 – Tables turned, Question for Michael, “What has the past year or so been like?”

34:14 – will you stay in Germany forever? Will you return to USA? 

35:40 – What are Michael’s favorite things about living in Germany?

38:00 – Discussion on work as most people’s source of identity & community

40:53 – For Bella: What sort of media have you enjoyed recently?  (BEEF)

42:39 – Michael is happy to see 2nd Gen Asians & Asians doing their thing around the world. Especially in western pop-culture & Media this year.

44:37 – Return to USA for Michael, parents starting retirement.

46:59 – Shoutout to Sehringer clan & Albert

Bella – “My name is Isabella Sehringer, I am an American-Argentine based out of New Jersey. I enjoy creating pieces related to identity, culture, and community building. I use film to inspire people, change normality, and encourage society to evolve.

Bella Contributed: Bella Talks: Blockchain Media, Latina Film-making, Goal Driven Spirit Sloths

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