Politics, Identity, Immigration, Friendships & Dating W/ Massimo (WBDP 50)

Today’s conversation with Massimo goes over politics, slovakia, migration, dating and so many other varied, fun and insightful areas.


02:40 – Blog Massimo wrote on maintaining a relationship with a friend who has different views on politics

04:25—Do you think you could form a friendship like this now? Could you meet someone at a bar with opposite political standpoints vs. you and still form this friendship?

5:57 – Catchup time, what has the past 2-3 years been like for you? Fulbright in Slovakia, leaving Europe, working in NYC, working for a digital publisher called “Freethink”, COVID happens, 

10:11 – How Massimo spent time during COVID, strengthened family relationships

11:44 – Slovakia, teaching english, a sense of freedom that is gained from being in a completely new place, being curious about a different culture.

15:03 – The desire to leave the northeast coast of the USA after spending 20+ years there.

18:12 – Migration, both our families have immigrants, every culture has a history of migration.

20:15 – “Curiously Wandering”, a blog Massimo has been writing to explore the topic of migration and immigration

22:11—is there any place in the world that you would like to explore? (for both)

25:40 – health insurance when you travel, needing health insurance to come to the USA, Massimo got stitches in a Croation hospital.

28:33 – Dating scene in NYC, what is it like now? Please describe the current scene, challenges, thrills, level of connection that can or can’t be formed, etc…cc

36:16 – Choosing where to go for a date, another challenge while living in NYC. It’s a reflection of who you are.

37:19 – Do people still ask each other out in person in NYC? Or is does this happen more online now?

37:56 – Massimo’s missed connection after listening to a speech on the subway.

41:10 – Explain the fomo and or pressure to always be doing something interesting when the weekend comes around in NYC.

43:36 – Same question for Michael but in Munich. Michael took a bath.

46:53 – Italians from Italy having issues with NYC style / American Deli style Italian subs, meatball subs, etc. CHICKEN WITH PASTA????

52:10 – Media consumption, what is Massimo into consuming nowadays?

55:46—Robot love question, how would you feel if your child ended up dating a robot, AI, artificial humanoid being? Massimo brings up the point of using robots as a interpersonal developmental tool.

1:00:30—What are Michael’s plans for WoBistDude?

1:00:50 – stories about migration, immigrants and a focus on multiculturalism – substack, “Curiously Wandering” – https://massimogug.substack.com/

Massimo graduated from Rutgers of University and went on a Fulbright Scholarship for the English Teaching Assistantship in the Slovak Republic starting in September 2018. He is currently living and working in New York city. He is originally from New Jersey with deep family connections to Italy.

Massimo Contributed: Understanding What Happened Here, Why I Hate my Best Friend?

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