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Mike is originally from New Jersey but is now living in Germany. He is a fan of cooking/ eating, mma, denim button downs, movies, outdoor activities, sustainable entrepreneurship, singing in the shower and pulp in his OJ. Along with the help of a few friends, he created this website for your personal enjoyment.
Mike contributed:Ten Lil Tings About Taipei, Marsala & Ramen, A Tribute to Anthony BourdainWhy You Should Get Your Ass Kicked


Bobby: “Having lived in New Jersey, Georgia, California, and Ireland, all in the past decade, I’m not really sure where I’m from anymore. What I do know is that I love music more than anything, movies after that, and I pretend to read more books than I actually do. Currently working in Sales for the tech company: Asana. You can usually find me watching trashy 90’s Japanese Gangster Films, listening to Thee Oh Sees on repeat, or drinking a pint around Dublin.”
Bobby Contributed: The State That I’m In, The Mystery MatineeCooling Tower


Chelsea is a graduate school student studying Sustainable Resource Management in Freising, Germany. She grew up with her father in the military, so she isn’t sure where she’s from and either says California or Missouri, occasionally Maine, depending on the person asking. When she isn’t working on finishing her degree she’s is hanging out with her very excitable dog, outside running, in the gym, babysitting, or cooking (vegan) food.
Chelsea Contributed:The Best Buffet in the World, Running Into Myself

Jason k

Jason is an adventure lover from Bayonne, New Jersey. He is currently teaching English and living in Hanoi, Vietnam.  He loves writing, riding motorbikes, backpacking, trying new foods and experiences. Jason writes in another blog called Definitely Not Missing.
Jason contributed: 
Choose Your Life

Ibby Adnan

Ibby is a New Jersey entrepreneur in charge of the clothing company/ non-profit Ambitious Heights. He lives for fashion, hip-hop and the Denver Broncos. When he is not working you can find him chillin with friends and listening to music.
Ibby contributed: Interview: Ambitious Heights

carl conroy

Carl: “I spend my days writing code as a software developer in New Jersey, but every other moment I’m awake now is spent obsessing over trying to reach out to more people and raise awareness about issues I think need more visibility. I want to use my time and energy to give a voice to those that don’t have one. Why? Because I realize that all the opportunities I have in my life exist because I was given an avenue for success. I really believe that social media can be used as a tool to help so many. I believe that there is good in the world and we can spread it.”
You can find Carl’s Instagram @carlwearsprada 
Carl Contributed:  Culture, Travel & Human ConnectionFinding Home


Franky is a young film maker and photographer from New Jersey who is currently living in Los Angeles. He is currently working as a production assistant for a show called “YOU”  and another pilot called “God Friended Me“. When he isn’t working on films Franky is watching them and traveling.
Franky contributedInterview: Franky Aguilar

orrin grenada

Orrin: is a med school student who is currently grinding it out on his arduous journey to become a doctor. When he isn’t hittin the books he enjoys cupcakes, chilling with friends, snowboarding and the company for a friendly kitty cat. Orrin is currently studying in Grenada but you can find him stateside in the near future.
Orrin contributed: Spice Island

chris bellizzi
Chris Bellizzi

Chris Bellizzi is a photographer, filmmaker, and survival-based cocktail craftsman. A perpetual fan of road trips and window seats, he recently embarked on a nine-month journey across thirteen countries capturing an episodic documentary on candid cultural perception.  Back now in the great state of New Jersey editing this project, Chris is looking forward to making new connections and finding new perspectives to keep the creative juices flowing.
Chris Contributed: Steve Colombero Talks Food and HospitalityCulture, Travel & Human Connection


Massimo is a recent graduate of Rutgers of University and a Fulbright Scholar for the English Teaching Assistantship in the Slovak Republic starting in September 2018. I am originally from New Jersey with deep family connections to Italy.
Massimo Contributed: Understanding What Happened Here, Why I Hate my Best Friend?


Aneesh: “For me ‘it’s all about myself’, but not in the self-centered way that this phrase is generally interpreted. I am in the pursuit of perfection, to develop myself beyond just the physical, and into the realms of the metaphysical. The word ‘spirituality’ is used quite a bit as a cliché, but beyond that, the depth of what it actually stands for, what the word ‘aum’ and its symbol ‘ॐ’ stand for, is where it all begins to take shape in understanding the cosmos and our significant insignificance in it. Hence, my writing is based on my experiences, thoughts, wishes, emotions, and most importantly my view from the audience, as the world takes stage.”
Aneesh Contributed: The Canvas of Life, A Song of Senses

grishma profile


Grishma is a  young Indian girl living in Germany, who is studying sustainability. She is an engineer, a full-time pop-culture enthusiast, part-time fitness enthusiast and a first-time blogger!
Grishma Contributed: It’s a festival… It’s a Bollywood movie… It’s an Indian wedding!


Jeny loves running, the ocean, hard cider and a good conversation. She grew up near Princeton NJ, has lived all over New Jersey and recently moved from Baltimore to the city of Philadelphia. Jeny also works in human resources and recruiting.
Jeny Contributed: Jeny vs The Boston Marathon


Diego -“Hallo with all! I am Diego, I am born and raised in Peru. I had the chance to do my B.Sc. in Australia and afterwards I returned to Peru to work in the wonderful Amazonian forest. I have been the last three years working in Peru until a foundation in Germany accepted to give me a full scholarship to start my master program in Munich. Currently I work in Rome, and I expected to remain here until the end of the year.”
Diego Contributed: An Idea, That Was All We Needed

kaitie brady

Katie is a 26 year old living in New Jersey who is currently pursuing a career in Law Enforcement. She is a muay thai enthusiast and has trained for about 7 years now and competes on an amateur level. In her free time she enjoys traveling, movies, and hiking with her puppy.
Katie Contributed: Knuckles, Knees and Community



Bella – “My name is Isabella Sehringer, I am an American-Argentine media producer based out of New Jersey. I enjoy creating pieces related to identity, culture, and community building. I use film to inspire people, change normality, and encourage society to evolve. My work with Artifax Digital, however, is a whole different monster.”
Bella Contributed: Bella Talks: Blockchain Media, Latina Film-making, Goal Driven Spirit Sloths

Evan Headshot
Evan McIntyre

“I’m Evan McIntyre. I was born & raised in Central Jersey and I currently work at Forge Apollo – a video content agency outside of Philadelphia. I’ve always had a passion for storytelling through video & music and I’m stoked to be able to do both professionally. I’m a part of the band Torn Boots and I’m thankful for every day that I get to create with those dudes.”
Evan Contributed: The Pursuit



“Aside from being an Industrial Engineer from Queens, NY and working in the Aerospace industry, Lakim is one of the few people I instantly became friends with upon meeting. When he takes a break from being handsome (never) he’s weight training (often) and traveling the world. Lakim is a walking hallmark card full of golden quotes about life philosophy—he’s the kind of guy you’d want your son to grow up to be.” – Michael
Lakim contributed: Lakim leads inner city students to STEM Field

linked in
Jacqueline Koppa

Jacqueline Koppa is a woman of many trades. A psychology graduate of the College of Charleston; she works as a therapist for children with autism as well as the Director of Public Relations for the lifestyle brand ELYSIIAN. Connect with her on LinkedIn!
Jacqueline Contributed: Fear

jesse chan

“ I recently left Boston after going to BU and working for 3 years. I am now looking to move to New York City and work there. I produce music under the name Channels” – Jesse
Jesse Contributed: 
Jesse Chan: a young musician’s production story



Arianne is a French Canadian girl currently doing her master at the Technical University of Munich. She speaks French, English and is currently learning German. She likes traveling, equality, sarcasm, shopping, real conversations, good food, self-awareness and generosity.
Arianne Contributed: Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

New Pro Pic 1.22
Matt Wiltse

Matt Wiltse resides in Dallas, Texas where he acts as a Division Sales Manager for Sunoco LP and both manages/acquires accounts in the DFW area spanning all the way to Austin—one of Sunoco’s most challenging and profitable markets. Matt grew up in Montgomery, NJ before attending Villanova University on an athletic scholarship to play Division I soccer. Has remained a lifelong fan of the game; a die-hard Real Madrid supporter who can be found writing op-eds for Managing Madrid and occasionally co-hosting the MM podcast. As an additional interest, Matt has developed a passion for Real Estate Investing and personal finance. Though above all, Matt prioritizes family and loves spending time with girlfriend of four years and their puppy, Charlie-Bear. He can be found on the following platforms (twitter is primarily for soccer opinions): twitterinstagram linkedin 
Matt Contributed: Soccer in the Digital Age, Change is Inevitable, Embrace It!


“Born and raised in the German countryside, I developed an interest in all sorts of plants and animals very early. Consequently, I studied biology and I am now pursuing a Master’s degree in Sustainable Resource Management in Munich to make a positive impact on Earth. I am passionate about recycling, yoga and music. I am currently reading a book about the intelligence of octopuses – you should check it out!” – Miriam
Miriam Contributed:
PodcastSame, Same But Different


Sammi is a Brooklyn-based producer and comedy writer. She works for A+E Network’s digital in-house agency producing content for Snapchat and Facebook. When she isn’t working, she is curating  Am I Write Ladies?a quarterly show featuring women and gender non-conforming artists.
Sammi Contributed: Sneeze Louise

Steve Colombaro

“Growing up right next to the restaurant Mecca in NJ I was always intrigued with food and wine. We were always taught at a young age to do what you love. I love to eat and I love to drink, who doesn’t? With a day off here and there, I still find myself at restaurant eating, drinking and always learning. I’m an avid fan of the shore especially Asbury Park and cape May and always find my self 3 putting on a golf course.” — Steve Colombaro
Steve Contributed: 
Steve Colombero Talks Food and Hospitality

Justin Davey

Justin Davey is a self-taught filmmaker currently in San Francisco. He has a background in tech and politics. Check out Justin’s work.
Justin Contributed: Montana Divided: A Climate Change Story

Helen Bowman

” Hello, my name is Helen. I’m 29 and currently living in Berkeley, California. I recently completed my thesis in the Sustainable Resource Management master’s program at the Technical University of Munich. My main interest is wildlife management and habitat conservation.”
Helen Contributed: Monkeys and Hot Sauce



Marten is a business student from Berlin, Germany. He loves to discover different cultures, languages and sports.
Marten Contributed: From Berlin to Chongqing

profile pic
Allie Dietzek

Allie Dietzek spent 10 years in customer experience innovation before founding reign_wala. She was born in New York, currently lives in India & NYC, and is an eternal student of the world.
Allie Contributed: May the Artisan Reign Supreme!

Jospeh lamb

Hi, I’m Jospeh lamb but you can Call me Joey! I live in Los Angeles where I just received my master in filmmaking. Right now my film is entering the film festival route where I hope it will get the right attention for me to fund my next project! A side from filmmaking I love hanging out with friends or chilling with my fat pit bull Rosie!
Joey Contributed: Coming Out: Overcoming Fear And A Directional Debut

Arielle Starkman

Arielle Starkman is a Special Education Teacher in Los Angeles. Originally from New Jersey, Arielle moved out west post college, in seek of year-round sunshine and palm trees. While in Los Angeles, she discovered her passion for urban education, and has taught in Title 1 schools for the past 7 years. Additionally, Arielle has also launched her own jewelry brand, spark+elle, and is an aerial yoga and fitness instructor in West Hollywood.

Arielle Contributed: Arielle Meets Education


Jeff is a sTEm maniac who empowers students and teachers to: wield potent culinary spells in the kitchen, program semi-autonomous robots to dance the Cha Cha, grow tomatoes of noble birth, track sea slugs and octopods in the wild, build electric speakers to bump Deadmaus….you know…the use!

Currently he is the Director of Training for the Nonprofit CA Math & Science Challenge which is dedicated to providing curriculum, teacher training, & ongoing professional development underserved communities who wish to create Early Learning Advantage™ robotics-based sTEm programs.

Jeff Contributed: California Math & Science Challenge


Priyanka: After a couple years working in sports media in New York, I started law school at Georgetown this past fall in hopes of working in sports and entertainment law upon graduation. I’ve been a lifelong TV and movie buff which led me to major in Communication at Wake Forest. Current obsessions include Amazon’s Homecoming, Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast, and perfecting the chocolate chip cookie. 

Priyanka Contributed: Finding my Narrative


Eugenia lives and studies in Germany but she grew up in the colorful State of Oaxaca in Southern México. She comes from a very modest family of women entrepreneurs, and was always surrounded by a very rich culture, but also lots of poverty. Inspired by her family stories she has pursued a career in the fields of tourism and sustainability focusing in the role of women for development.

Eugenia Contributed: Eugenia in Action

Bolor Dorjderem

I’m Bolor Dorjderem and I’m 24 years old. I’m almost finished with a master’s program specializing in sustainability. I’ve Lived and studied in Russia, Germany, Mexico. Aside from studying, I am getting more into Youtube: I’m trying to reach more young people in Mongolia to share ideas about sustainability and climate science in a way that is easy-to-understand. At this moment I am trying to find my passion or focus since I love to try out so many different things. But no matter where, with whom, and on what job I will end up, will remain as a nomad girl from the vast and wild valleys of Mongolia.

Bolor has contributed: Travel and Study, Busy in Mexico


Azra is a creative writing Master’s student from Sydney. She’s spent the last couple years backpacking, but mostly getting lost because she can’t read a map. Catch her lying her way through a conversation about a T.V show she’s never seen, or suffocating under a pile of books she will find the time to read. She contributes to Junkee and Hostelworld. She also posts too many travel pics over on Instagram.

Azra Contributed: Our House is Falling Apart


Mischa is a young entrepreneur living outside of Munich, Germany. He is currently working on a plant-based, milk substitute. Mischa enjoys rock climbing, hiking and a variety of outdoor activities.

Mischa Contributed: Mischa’s Got Milk

james boland
James Boland

James Boland is a Student Physical Therapist studying at Temple University in Philadelphia to earn his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree (DPT). He believes that the profession of Physical Therapy will positively transform the nature of health care through exercise, education, and personalized plans of care (among others!). He firmly believes that impersonal care by health care providers and the “pharmaceutical culture” of health care today are detriments to a healthy society.

James Contributed: A New Fight For Physical Therapy


Stephen is a South African / British Engineer, passionate about new ideas and innovations. He enjoys any kind of adventure sports and the outdoors. Since 2016, he has been pursuing the goal to bring empty houses back into use, thus, bringing life back to communities, as the “empty house man”.

Stephen Contributed: Empty House Man

sean pollock
Sean Pollock

Sean Pollock is a multi-disciplinary writer, director, designer, and artist. Recent credits include: American Juggalo (Porterspace Residency/Vital Joint/The New Ohio) A Very…Scientology Pageant: In Concert (The Green Room 42 & 54Below), Laundryfest, The Bed Show, Super Short Site Specific Festival, Phantom of the Paradise (Secret Loft), Intimate Bar Plays, #serials (The Flea), I’m Smiling Because I’m Uncomfortable (NYC and Touring. Winner: “Outstanding Site-Specific Performance” San Diego Fringe 2018). Off-Broadway: Trump Rally (United Solo/Theatre Row). He currently serves as the Literary Associate for The Dirty Blondes and is a company member of Unattended Baggage. Training: Ithaca College, NTI, Directors Lab North, Directors Lab Chicago, Directors Lab West. insta: @seanp_yo

Sean Contributed: American Juggalo

nick alpher

Nicholas is an HVAC tech, avid jiu jitsu practitioner, and a washed up folkstyle wrestler who is consistently pondering the nature of existence. He also plays video games and isn’t sure if he even likes them anymore.

Nicholas Contributed: This Polite and Sneaky Demon

Cold Weather Company

Cold Weather Company: ‘Steadily building their artistic style and audience for the past five years, New Jersey-based alternative folk band Cold Weather Company carries a diverse sound, rich with harmonies and instrumental builds. The band combines the various writing approaches and influences of its three members, Brian Curry, Jeff Petescia, and Steve Shimchick, to create unique arrangements and intricate layering. Their third full-length album, “Find Light,” was released on January 25th, 2019 and expands mightily on their core of three voices, two guitars, and a piano.’

Cold Weather Company Contributed: Interview

wade climbing

Wade is a travel photographer turned grad student living in Munich. Having survived 5 years living out of a backpack, he now spends his time stressing out over his thesis and keeping geese from eating the world’s food supply

Wade Contributed: Monkeys, Scorpions, Chopsticks and Love




Brooke: Originally from the exotic land of corn and Lebron James, Brooke moved out of Ohio for the second time 6 months ago when she came to Amsterdam. When she’s not binging documentaries or vegan desserts (often at the same time) she loves to backpack and enjoy canalside coffees. 


Jason grew up in New Jersey, went to college in Tennessee, and currently works in advertising in New York City. Outside of his passion for breakdancing and doing flips, Jason loves to travel and drag his girlfriend along his hiking trips. His most recent trip was to Tel Aviv, Israel, and he looks forward to exploring Italy next.”
Jason Contributed:From BreakDancing to Tricking, Jason’s Journey of Movement



Karen is a chef from Taiwan . She is passionate in french cuisine and likes to spend most of her day in the kitchen.Recently,she went back to the restaurant of her family to help with management. Her passion towards the food industry has never stoped but grow stronger.

Karen Contributed: Karen’s Life in a Taiwanese Kitchen

Patrick Higgins

“Hi. My name is Patrick Higgins and I am the founder and President of Team Beast. I created Team Beast to not only assist people get the technology and assistance they need to live a life they enjoy, but also inspire everyone to chase their dreams no matter the circumstances. I knew from a young age that I wanted to change people’s lives and mindsets but only recently did I feel like I could. Once I was sold into that idea, Team Beast took shape and now I just hope to make shit happen and change some lives. ”
Patrick has contributed: “TeamBeast”

André Bae

“Hi! My name is André Bae, I’m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As my name, I am part Brazilian (mom) and part Korean (dad). Growing up in a city like Rio de Janeiro fueled my passion for the environment, reflected by my favorite sport (surfing) and career choice (oceanographer). Currently concluding my Masters in Energy Planning, focused on Offshore Wind Energy Supply Chain in Brazil, and working in the O&G industry, where hopefully in a short future I’ll be able to merge both skills.”
André Bae has contributed: “The Millennial on an Oil Rig”


Ben is a 25 year-old student and writer based in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel. His pieces have been published in The Times of Israel and The Jerusalem Post. To contact him, send an email to
Ben has contributed: “Politics, Writing & Life in Tel Aviv”

Josi Reckling

Josi Reckling: I’m a 22 year old student from Dresden. I love traveling and currently I’m studying for a communications science bachelor at the Technical University of Dresden. I’m really open minded and I love talking – I talk quite a bit. I love playing volleyball also run press for BreakOut.

Radhika Dhingra

Radhika Dhingra – I’m pursuing my masters in environmental science from Germany. I’m keen on working in a developing country and creating an impact there. And thus, as soon as I got the opportunity, I decided to be back in India and work on my thesis here.
I’m very much interested in Politics and so I’m just trying to figure out my ways to be a part of the political system and represent people and their problems. 🙂 


Anum is an art and photography enthusiast based in Karachi, Pakistan.


Sarah is a multimedia journalist and storyteller based in Karachi, Pakistan.

SRM Talks

SRM Talks is an initiative from the students of the graduate programme “Sustainable Resource Management”, aimed at organising monthly talks under the motto “SRM talks challenges of the future”.
The topics of interest for this series gravitate around environmental issues and sustainable solutions such as nature conservation, green finance, renewable energy, waste management, etc.