Understanding What Happened Here

Since living here, I have learned that is extremely hard to wrap my head around what exactly happened here, and I am not sure if I ever will.

Same, Same But Different

A typical dinner for my German family obviously consists of Schnitzel, potatoes and beer. To spice things up, one day I decided to invite my American boyfriend over when he only knew about 10 German words. The conversation went something like this:

Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

For the first time, I’m opening up about my experience as a transracial adoptee. Follow me as I take you through my personal experiences living in Canada, China and Germany!

The Mystery Matinee

When you arrive at the theatre, the doors are yet to be unlocked. There’s a huddled mass collected around the fringe of the threshold, eagerly awaiting the arrival of a hungover college student, who will unlock the door with a hardy yawn. The crowd shuffles in, all ages, clutching their phones, email apps open to the confirmation page with the code that holds the key to a ticket. Some are chatting with others, some are lingering outside taking the last drags of cigarettes or the final sips of contraband coffee in the shadows of the theatre. In a matter of 5 minutes that drag on like eons, the college student unlocks the cage that guards the reception desk, opens the till, and gestures, with his eyes half closed, for the hungry film fans to form a queue. After a lifetime of anticipation, you’re finally in your seat, and this is when the buzz really starts. The screen remains blank, the seats begin to fill,  the phones are set to silent. Then…the lights go dim, and anything can happen.

Why I Hate my Best Friend?

“Chris is a die-hard, avid, shameless, loud Trump supporter while I am a basically the extreme polar opposite that leans extremely liberal in every sense of government”

Spice Island

Wheels off the ground, landing gear up, I’m excited, I’m sad, I’m curious and I know that this journey I am about to take will change my life forever. I sit on the plane looking out over the vast maze of lights which I call home as I depart from JFK into the darkness of…

Why You Should Get Your Ass Kicked

Eagerly accepting an offer to graduate school, I hopped on a one way ticket and touched down in Germany in October 2016. There I navigated through a sea of words like Siebentausendzweihundertvierundfünfzig (7,254) and got settled in. Naturally, I began my time in Deutschland like any student abroad, drinking my way through Oktoberfest, gorging myself…

Cooling Tower

The end of October is a pretty shite time to be living in Ireland. The 29th rolls around, and the clocks change. Suddenly you’re waking up in the darkness and leaving work in the darkness. Every other day, it’s “pissin’ rain”, and the sun seems to have taken paid leave with a note scrawled in…

Choose Your Life

I’ve been traveling Southeast Asia for five months, visiting Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and Vietnam. I’ve learned countless valuable things during this time, how to cook new foods, how to ride a manual motorbike, how to scuba dive, how to be more social, how to push my limits, the list goes on. Looking back I’ve realized…

Running Into Myself

When I was younger it would’ve been a rare sight to see me out on a run. Most of my life my favorite activities included watching TV, eating ice cream, and only dreaming about becoming a “fit” person. I mostly grew up in the Midwest and we drove our cars everywhere and ate a lot…