From Berlin to Chongqing

Marten talks about his acclimation and adventures in a foreign place which quickly became an unexpected home away from home. 

Monkeys and Hot Sauce

For two months I did the fieldwork and data gathering necessary for my master’s thesis, which investigated chili plants as a potential buffer crop against crop-raiding primates

May the Artisan Reign Supreme!

Allie Dietzek talks about the origins of reign_wala and what she is doing to give artisans in Goa, India a more equitable share of profits stemming from the products they make.

Montana Divided: A Climate Change Story

Michael: Please tell us who you are Justin: Hi. My name is Justin Davey and I’m a British-Irish-American independent filmmaker. Michael: You recently released an independent documentary called “Montana Divided: a Climate Change Story” could you please describe what this film is about? Justin: This film came from an idea I had at the UN…

Jesse Chan: a young musician’s production story

Jesse Chan is a young producer and DJ who makes music under the name Channels, he recently released “Surrounded” (ft. Kat Kennedy). In this interview, Jesse shares his music production story…

Lakim leads inner city students to STEM Field

I love being black and I love being a black engineer – but the issue is bigger than just me. Corporations are not targeting black students for recruitment in the way that they are targeting other demographics.  There is indubitably a lack of black engineers at major tech companies. This is why I work as hard as I do to mentor young students and urge them to pursue STEM. 

Knuckles, Knees and Community

Katie is a young female from New Jersey trying to be the best she can be at everything that she does. She spoke to me about her experience with the art of Muay Thai. Mike: Tell us how you got into this sport Katie: I grew up, with 3 older brothers, wanting to play football,…

Jeny vs The Boston Marathon

Jeny is a 25-year-old New Jerseyan who ran the Boston Marathon through an injury and terrible weather (38 degrees F, 31 degree wind chill, pouring rain and of course, 26.2 miles). She says it was brutal and she’s glad it’s over. A week before the race, we sat down to get a peek into Jeny’s life…