What is WoBistDude? 

  • WoBistDude is a society and culture platform which uses content creation to learn about the lives and passions of people from around the world.  

How did the website/platform get started? 

  • Michael was looking for his friends to stay connected and to express their creativity through writing. Eventually the group-blog from one social circle turned into a multimedia platform with people participating from all over the world.  

Who is Michael? 

  • Michael is an American expat looking currently living and working in Munich, Germany. He has interests in digital communications, martial arts, the natural world, cooking and exploring culture.  

Do you get any money from this website? 

  • Currently the website runs on a volunteer basis. However, we would be open to considering sponsorship ideas and offers.  

How do you find new creators for the website? 

  • We do this in a variety of ways. We have contacted people and organizations individually, Michael has met many of the creators in his daily life and several people have been referred to us through friends or our previous creators. People have also reached out to us on their own to pitch their stories.

How many creators have there been on the website? 

  • As of July 2019, we have had 60+ different contributors from 20 different countries around the world. 

Does Michael do all of this by himself? 

  • Currently Michael is doing this with the help of friends and a virtual assistant. Of course, the creators play a huge role by sharing their stories on the platform.  

How can I share my story on this platform? 

  • Please send us an email at wobistdude.blog@gmail.com 
  • If you already have an idea about the topic and format please let us know.  
  • Also, please indicate your upcoming availability to collaborate either online or in-person if you are living in the Munich area. 

What sort of formats do you publish in? 

What is the general procedure for creating on WoBistDude in each format? 

  • Video Interview –  We would send you questions in video form for you to answer in video form 
  • Vlog – You would put together a video and send it in (just include a wobistdude logo somewhere) 
  • Podcasts – We would schedule a date for a recorded call on skype. Michael can send you questions beforehand if needed 
  • Text Interview – We would send you questions to be compiled into an interview along with any images or other media that you would like to include (Musician interview example
  • Blog Posts – You would submit a written piece along with a minimum of one image  
  • Poetry – You would submit poetry along with an image 
  • Event Video – Either you would submit a video or Michael would go on-location to film an event 

Are there any general requirements along with my submission?  

  • Yes, please send us a 2-3 sentence description of who you are, a headshot type image of you and a location of where your story comes from (city) 

Where can I find your Logos?

stamp format logo
normal format logo
  • If you have other logo specifications please send us an email at wobistdude.blog@gmail.com

What is the most common publication format? 

  • Interview is the most common format that we publish in. Specifically video interviews, followed by podcasts and then text interviews.  

How can I get in contact with the creators?  

  • If their contact information is listed on their posts or in their bios, you can feel free to reach out to them.