Change is Inevitable, Embrace It!

“These are the best four years of your life”,

I always heard that in High School and in College, but I refused to believe it. The majority of one’s life is in adulthood, so certainly the best days must be yet to come, no? That’s my logic. Though for many, it’s the unknown and the seemingly constant change that keep them from embracing such rationale. In my short time in the “real world”, I found it’s exactly those two entities that should be embraced. Out of college I have: written for an affiliate of SB nation intertwining my passion for sport and writing, I occasionally co-host a podcast that boasts thousands of listeners globally, I’ve become an advocate of personal finance and cash-flowing assets like Real Estate, transformed into a health/fitness junkie, and form as a full time employee of Sunoco LP a petroleum marketer and supplier. Why do all this? Well, for starters I enjoy it, but second—my goal and my purpose is to provide my future family (children, wife, siblings, parents, in-laws) with everything I have been afforded in my life. That purpose, always in the back of my mind, allows big decisions to be made when change comes knocking.

It is has been my career at Sunoco that has imposed the most change in a short period of time. Following graduation in 2015, I entered a “Management Development Program”. This gave me the opportunity to spend twelve months in three different departments over the course of three years. I had stints in Marketing, Fuels Pricing, Finance, and most recently I have found myself in an Operations role in New York City. Each role has meant a new boss, new systems, and new challenges. The previous year’s body of work meant nothing, it was the oh-so-inevitable change each year.

Sunoco FF5000

And just when I thought the dust had settle for a bit and change had left my door-step for the foreseeable future, an opportunity arrived. I’ve been living in New York City the past year with my beautiful girlfriend of four years and our fun-loving puppy, Charlie-Bear. To say I have been grateful for this year is an understatement. In my operations role, I cover the five boroughs (Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, Bronx, and Queens) along with Northern NJ and I have met the most diverse people and personalities. I have seen the city for what it truly is, a melting pot. It’s been twelve months in the city, and I couldn’t be happier with my work-life and my home/social-life. But once again, change is coming.

Matt, Isa, CB

Sunoco has offered a career-changing opportunity in Dallas, Texas. It’s half-away across the country, and it’s certainly not New York City. It’s new, it’s different, and in Texas everything will be bigger.  Isabella, my girlfriend, is doing phenomenally well in her career and cannot leave the city to join me just yet. This opportunity Sunoco has afforded me means I’ll be visiting my girl and my pup on every weekend that I can afford to get out there, hardly ideal. But with change and opportunity, comes sacrifice. As much as I want to reject this change and keep my life “as-is”, that purpose and ultimate goal is lurking in the back of my mind. I want to resist, but I’ve learned to embrace the unknown—embrace the inevitable, change.



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Matt Wiltse resides in Dallas, Texas where he acts as a Division Sales Manager for Sunoco LP and both manages/acquires accounts in the DFW area spanning all the way to Austin—one of Sunoco’s most challenging and profitable markets. Matt grew up in Montgomery, NJ before attending Villanova University on an athletic scholarship to play Division I soccer. Has remained a lifelong fan of the game; a die-hard Real Madrid supporter who can be found writing op-eds for Managing Madrid and occasionally co-hosting the MM podcast. As an additional interest, Matt has developed a passion for Real Estate Investing and personal finance. Though above all, Matt prioritizes family and loves spending time with girlfriend of four years and their puppy, Charlie-Bear. He can be found on the following platforms (twitter is primarily for soccer

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