Politics, Writing & Life in Tel Aviv (WBDP 10)

Ben Rathauser is a 25 year-old student, former IDF soldier and a writer based in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel. We spoke with him to get some insight into his writing, life and philosophy on handling online political discourse in 2019.

“I think the best pieces and the pieces that are truest to me, are those that incorporate both the emotional side, which is capturing human interactions, and backing up these experiences with serious research and facts. ” – Ben

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0:33 – Intro

2:07 – Connection to Israel, growing up in a Zionist home

3:20 – Highschool –>basic training in the IDF

4:11 – Training for the infantry unit in the Israeli unit

6:08 – Experiences taken from the time in the Israeli army

7:49 – Life in Tel Aviv

9:05 – The recent Israeli election

12:28 – Talking Politics with strangers

13:12 – Donald Trump from the eyes of Israelis

15:23 – Were you always interested in learning about politics?

16:14 – Writing for “The Times of Israel” blog

18:12 – A trip to Vietnam and Israeli- Palestinian relationships

19:38 – Entertaining opposing viewpoints in writing

22:20 – Being attentive to internal and external emotions and incorporating this into writing.

24:33 – Keeping a cool head when others go overboard during online debates

29:30 – Thoughts on Nas Daily

31:29 – Journalism?

32:15 – Can you name a hero of yours?

35:22 – Can you tell us about the first time you remember getting into trouble?

36:45 – Ben shares his spirit animal

Ben is a 25 year-old student and writer based in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel. His pieces have been published in The Times of Israel and The Jerusalem Post. To contact him, send an email to benrat93@gmail.com.

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